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Head of the genetic lab

Lab genetics. Candidate of Biological Sciences.


In 2012 the first in Russia put into practice clinic IVF PGD embryos by aCGH 5/6 days of development. During 2.5 years performed about 200 diagnostics.

Since 2012 year - Head of Laboratory of Genetics IVF clinic that performs almost the entire range of genetic tests needed for the IVF clinic patients.


  • St. Petersburg State University, Department of Biology, Department of Genetics and Breeding.
  • St. Petersburg State University Graduate School, Faculty of Biology, Department of Genetics and Breeding (dissertation topic "Integrated characterization of violations of sex chromosome in patients with Turner's syndrome").
  • Refresher courses MAPS - specialty "Laboratory genetics"


  • 1995 - 2008 years - the Research Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology im.D.O.Otta laboratory prenatal diagnosis of hereditary and congenital diseases;
  • 2004 - 2015 years - the clinic "AVA-Peter", St. Petersburg

"I own all the basic laboratory methods of genetic diagnosis."

Achievements by function:

Cytogenetic techniques mastered in 1995 at the Institute of AIG im.D.O.Otta:

  • postnatal karyotyping - more than 2,000 tests;
  • invasive prenatal cytogenetic diagnostics (karyotyping of chorion, placenta, amniotic fluid cells, fetal cord blood lymphocytes) - more than 1,000 tests;
  • аkaryotypingabortnogo material when developing pregnancy - more than 1000 tests.

FISH method c 1995.

Molecular and genetic research methods (PCR) - since 1998.

PGD by FISH in 2009 - 500 tests.

PGD method aCGH (comparative genomic hybridization microarray). PGD/PGS method NGS (Next Generation Sequencing)

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