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Embryologycal laboratory


NGC Clinic is equipped with a modern embryology laboratory: it is a complex of rooms with special equipment,conditions and finely tuned processes. The success of hundreds of IVF programs depend on its work, which is why we reconstructed and equipped the building according to the highest world standard.

How does the embryology laboratory work?

The NGC clinic has three separate rooms, connected by pass-through-windows as well as two manipulation labs. In the the manipulation labs punctures and embryo transfers are performed. Embryologists work next to the pass-through-windows and interact with the fertility specialist on the spot, during the procedure. The entrance to the embryology laboratory is closed not just for the patients but for the majority of the employees of IVF clinic as well. Even our clinic’s doctors can get in there only if accompanied by an embryologist. Embryologist and the doctor accompanying have to fully change their dress at the entrance to the lab, which means change their shoes, put on masks and headdresses. In the lobby before the lab the floor has special adhesive aseptic mats, which provide 100% protection against microorganisms that may be on the soles of the shoes.

For the embryology laboratory it is important to create an ideal microclimate. That is possible to do only in a separate building: in St. Petersburg only two clinics meet this requirement and one of them is - NGC clinic. The requirements for the purity of the embryology laboratory is very high: a separate air supply and exhaust ventilation, equipped with special class 11 , air cleaning filters, which clean the air from all contamination, including - micro particles, allergens, bacteria, molds and toxins.A specially installed CODA AERO, which operates within the laboratory, provides additional clearance from the smallest bacteria.

эмбриологическая лаборатория микроскоп

"The embryology laboratory - is a clearly and smoothly functioning system, where sophisticated devices and the latest technology come together in the hands of the professionals of NGC clinic."

Embryology laboratory is equipped with the latest standards of world science and technology

  • Laminar of the «K-Systems» company - is the IVF workstation - a high-tech installation, providing high protection of the biological material in a laminar flow air supply. An especially warmed working surface has a predetermined temperature and creates conditions close to those in which the embryo grows within the mother's body. Using the built-in laminar microscope, the embryologist can safely work with the cells inside.
  • «GALAXY» incubators are used for the preparation of media and embryo cultivation and combines a number of innovative solutions and traditional reliability. They are used in the embryology laboratory of NGC clinic because, they have different ways to maintain temperature which provides the embryologist the possibility to choose different variants of technical systems and have proven themselves to be very reliable. For the success of the procedure the homogeneous environment inside the incubator and the precise temperature retention as well as the carbon dioxide concentration are all very important.The «GALAXY» incubators, carry out these functions successfully.
  • NGC clinic also uses German innovative incubators C-TOP for cultivation. The relatively recent emergence of these incubators has led to the approval of even the strictest of skeptics: the exact ratio of the gases and the rapid recovery options in the camera has great effect on the results.
  • The embryology laboratory at NGC clinic uses a research-grade inverted microscope with laser system 73 Integra 3 made by Olympus IX company. It is required for the manipulation of the cells and the embryos, as well as to assess the quality of their development. The temperature of the working surface of the microscope is supported by a special device. All this combined together helps to effectively carry out such complex manipulations like ICSI, hatching with the use of a Saturn 5 Active laser, PGA and helps provide the high performance of the ART methods.

интегра olympus стереомикроскоп
  • The high quality equipment allows the clinic to carry out andrological study of the biological material using the latest sperm analyzer SQA-V.
  • In addition to all that, the Cryobank is a part of the embryology laboratory. The Cryobank of the clinic stores the vitrified egg cells and embryos, the sperm of the donors and of the clinic's patients. The donor database was being formed the last 10 years and comprises of more than 350 donors available.The Cryobank has seven modern Dewars from Taylor-Wharton.

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