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Big thanks to Marina and Doctor Diana Lobzeva and all staff of the clinic. Great price, beautiful and clean environment. Fluent English communications. The procedure is easy and very successful at first try. My boy just born on Christmas 2017, like a gift from Santa, nice and sound. NGC Clinic is really recommended for all that need IVF.

LEE, 15 January

We choose this clinic for the good prices and conditions and it was a huge success! We have a beautiful and health twins after the first attemp. A big thanks to the great doctor Diana Lobzeva and excellent organization and respect of the contract of NGC Clinic. We absolutelly recommend it!

VALERIA, 11 January

The entire staff was fantastic. Many speak English. My husband & I went twice this last summer from Dallas, T.X. and the second time I came home pregnant. ( My body ended up losing the baby in the first trimester but that was not the clinics fault. Just wasn't meant to be.) We are saving up to fly to NGC from USA in 2018.

TAMMY ISBELL, 31 October

Enormous Spasibo about the doctor Lobzeva Diana Andreevna! After 12 unsuccessful attempts in vitro, she did this miracle the first time. My pregnancy was easy, without complication. 04th julya 2017th year our son Dimo was born: weight 2.980 kg and height 50 cm. He is a healthy and healthy boy. Dr. Lobzeva, we are very happy and very grateful to you and your clinic. You helped to make our dream come true. The clinic is beautiful. And this is the most beautiful thing that happened in our life! We wish you the very best: zdarov, happiness, new travels and mutual love.

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