"Everyone" choose Ava clinic in St. Petersburg, so I was a bit worried about my choise when I decided to go with NGC. But my worries soon dissapeared! The clinic answered my questions quickly and professionally on e-mail, and even dr. Diana answered me when I had some "medical" questions. They where able to arrange a donor with my blood type (Rh -) quite quickly right before the holidays. When the day arrived, I was picked up on the airport (the poor, nice driver had to wait a long time, due to flight delay). The clinic itself is very nice, and the laboratory and operating theatre new and modern. They have a pharmacy in their first floor. I was lucky enough to be successful on my first dd try. My little princess is now 5 months old! We had a bleeding at the very start, and the clinic was quick to help and answer my questions. They have an "emergency medical package" for such occasions, with easy to follow instructions. All in all, I will definitively recommend this clinic. The people are nice and professional, and the clinic seems good, modern and updated within fertility treatment. And dr. Diana is a gem! :-)

AILLIN, 31 October