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During the 10 years of working experience in the field of reproductive technologies our Reproduction and Genetics Clinic-NGC has aquired an extensive database of donor eggs, sperm and embryos. Our database today has 300 donor ova, 1000 frozen oocytes and more than 200 donor embryos.

NGC clinic realizes the importance of prenatal care "from A to Z" during the whole period and will take care of a baby and mother health.

NGC Clinic recommends all pregnant women to find out their fetal chromosomal set during the early period pregnancy by research of fetal DNA, though the blood of the mother without invasive interventions.

To optimize work of the donor programs in the clinic we have set up a big bank of anonymous donor oocytes, which are constantly updated from a database of more than 300 donors, who are young healthy women with their own children, who want to share their reproductive potential, to make other people happy Parents.

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