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According to the Russian Ministry of Health Decree N107n from 30.08.2012 "On the order of the use of assisted reproductive technologies, contraindications and limitations to their use" egg donors undergo a comprehensive examination to establish compliance with the rules.

Nowadays egg donation is the most common addition to IVF technique. In the whole world and in Russia this IVF programs and procedures has become widespread because of environmental deterioration as well as shifting of the parental age scope and changing public opinion.

Couples, who face the diagnosis of infertility, actively seek a solution to the problem with the help of modern medicine. In cases when attempts of ICSI and IVF did not bring the desired results, assistance of an egg donor becomes one of the best options.

The price of IVF with donor gametes depends on whether you select an anonymous or a non-anonymous donor. In the first case, count on more than 250 thousand rubles, and in the second att 180-200 thousand rubles in domestic private Russian clinics.

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