Next Generation Clinic offers different IVF programs, which can help in pregnancy for all women. There are several types of programs:

  • Classical IVF programs
  • Donation programs (egg, sperm or embryo)
  • Programs for single women or men
  • PGD/PGS programs
  • Surrogate motherhood programs

The list of programs in NGC clinic:

IVF programs and ART services
Price, euro
2 186 €
Artificial insemination
357 €
Egg donation
Sperm donation
Sperm from NGC cryobank
171 €
Sperm from Cryos International cryobank
429 €
Sperm from California cryobank
675 €
Family balancing and PGD/PGS screening
Trophectoderm biopsy at the ART procedure
279 €
PGS screening by NGS method for 1 embryo
386 €
Embryo donation
All inclusive surrogacy program
46 500 €

In vitro fertilization (IVF) -is a method of assisted reproductive technologies, that is currently recognized by the WHO as the most effective in the treatment of infertility of different etiology. From the time this method came into use in clinical practice, more than five million children were conceived with the use of the IVF technology.

IVF - the essence of the method

As the name implies - in vitro (from the Latin in - The outside and vitro - the body) fertilization - the method based on the merging of the egg and sperm outside of the woman's body i.e in vitro. Hence another phrase which is used even in the official literature when talking about children conceived using IVF - "children from a test tube."

The procedure is performed in several stages: the obtaining of suitable for fertilization eggs and sperm, the IVF itself, the cultivation of the embryo for a few days and replanting of them into the woman's uterus. It should be noted that according to the rules currently, no more than two embryos can be implanted at a time.

For more information on how the preparation for IVF is performed and about the special features of the performance of the procedure, can be found in the relevant sections on the site.

The cost of the IVF program

How much does IVF cost? Any couple to whom in vitro fertilization was advised asks this question. And we all know that this procedure is pretty expensive.

The cost of IVF depends on many factors. Choosing of the center for the performance of IVF , is also one of those factors (the price list in different clinics may differ; how much does IVF cost, should be specified in each particular case. It should also be noted that some of the clinics have promotional offers on some of the IVF programs.).

Geography also matters: the cost of fertilization in a regional hospital for example , their "IVF-price" may be different from how much IVF may cost in Russia.

Prices of ART programs such as IVF, ICSI also depend on which method of ART you were advised. The cost of in vitro fertilization as well as the cost of the additional services that are required (eg ICSI) may also increase the cost of the fertilization program. ICSI procedure is more time consuming than a normal IVF, therefore it is more expensive.

The type of medications chosen that will be used in IVF also matters. The prices of the medications can vary significantly - the latest generation of medical drugs are significantly more expensive than their counterparts. However, it should be noted that the use of these medications increases the probability of in vitro fertilization being successful. This way the price of the more expensive drugs will be compensated by the absence of the need to repeat IVF. In Russia, the price of the essential medications is not too different.

Residents of the Russian Federation meanwhile have the opportunity for medical reasons to receive a quota for artificial insemination. The cost of the entire IVF program in this case will be paid from the regions’s budget and not by the citizen. Also since 2013, IVF has been included in the Compulsory Health Insurance- and, if advised, a woman can get in vitro fertilization with the help of the insurance.

In general throughout the country, the treatment cost of in vitro fertilization may differ, because in different regions of the country different amounts are allocated for the treatment of infertility.

The cost of IVF in Russia, the cost of the program in other regions and the possibility to take advantage of the quota in each case is decided on an individual basis.

IVF at NGC clinic will help you to become parents in case of:

  • endocrine forms of infertility;
  • polycystic ovaries;
  • endometriosis;
  • immunologic incompatibility of the couple;
  • unfavorable genetic status;
  • severe male infertility, or single sperm;
  • low ovarian reserve, or single egg cells;
  • in all cases where it is possible to obtain egg cells for fertilization, no contraindications for embryo implantation, pregnancy and childbirth.

An effective IVF in Russia - is IVF at NGC Clinic. We have successfully overcome  female and male infertility in most cases. Our activities and methods used fully meet the requirements of the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Health. We provide annual reports on the progress to the Russian Association of Human Reproduction (RAHR). The pregnancy rate at NGC Clinic –  47%, in case of PGS NGS screening is more than 74%