As the name implies - the definition of in vitro aka extracorporeal (from the Latin extra - outside and the corpus - the body) fertilization -is a method at the base of which is the connection of the egg and the sperm outside of the woman's body, in vitro. Hence another phrase that has rooted itself even in the official literature is used when talking about children conceived using IVF - "children in a test tube."

The procedure takes place in several stages: obtaining of eggs and sperm suitable for fertilization, the IVF itself, embryo culturing for a few days and transplanting them into the woman's uterus. It should be noted that according to the current rules no more than two embryos can be transplanted.

More information about how happens the preparation for IVF and about the features of the procedure, can be found in the relevant sections on the IVF websites.


The cost and prices of In Vitro Fertilization program

What is the cost of IVF treatment? Any couple, which has been advised in vitro fertilization ask this question. And it’s no secret that this procedure is quite expensive.

The cost of IVF depends on many factors. It’s the chosen center for IVF (in different clinics the cost of IVF may differ; it is necessary to specify in each particular case. Also should be noted that a number of clinics have special offers on beneficial programs for in vitro fertilization.).

Geography also matters: the cost of in vitro fertilization in regional hospitals, their "IVF-price" may be different from how much IVF costs in Moscow.

Prices of ART programs (such as IVF, ICSI depend on which method of ART to was shown to you. How much does it cost to do in vitro fertilization, as well as the cost of additional services that are required (eg ICSI) may also increase the cost of fertilization. The ICSI procedure is more time consuming than normal artificial fertilization therefore is more expensive.

The range of medicaments which are planned for use in IVF is also important. The price of medicaments can vary significantly - the latest generation of medical drugs are significantly more expensive than their counterparts. However, it should be noted that the use of these resources makes the possibility of a more successful in vitro fertilization. The price of the more expensive medicaments will thus be compensated by absence of the need to repeat IVF.

Throughout the country, the in vitro fertilization treatment prices may differ as different amounts are allocated for the treatment of infertility in different regions of the country.

What is the cost of the IVF cycle in each case is usually decided on an individual basis

The cost of IVF. How much does IVF cost "point by point»?

In this section you can familiarize yourself with how much does an in vitro fertilization procedure cost; prices for individual services are approximate within a minimum-maximum.

IVF-fertilization. Work of the specialists- medical part of the IVF program.

The price is made up of:

  • initial check up by an expert in IVF
  • the IVF procedure itself: fertilization - ovulation stimulation, ultrasound, puncture;
  • embryological stage - the transfer of the embryo into the uterus, control of pregnancy, ie, the whole set of medical actions, which are included in the in vitro fertilization procedure.

Artificial fertilization. IVF medication cost:

  • the cost of the blockage drugs
  • artificial fertilization, the price of the medical drugs for the stimulation
  • artificial fertilization, the price of the medical drugs to support the second phase

To say the exact amount is impossible, because the requirement and the reaction to the medication is different for all, but the difference in price can become pretty big if in the protocol to stimulate superovulation modern recombinant drugs are used.

The cost of IVF medications - the sum is individual. The total cost depends on the selected protocol, duration, dosage and individual characteristics.

There are many IVF programs, which respectively have their own prices. They are: basic programs in a natural IVF cycle, artificial insemination using donor biomaterials, program of postponed motherhood, program of surrogate motherhood. The IVF programs that have the lowest prices, are without the use of hormonal drugs. But it should be noted that the protocol is selected by the doctor depending on the indications. IVF in the natural cycle is among the lowest-priced programs included.

ICSI method. IVF with ICSI prices

If translated from English, the ICSI (Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection) is: "The introduction of the sperm into the cytoplasm of the egg" it is one of the methods that is used during in vitro fertilization in assisted reproductive technologies.

During this procedure, the sperm is injected directly into the egg. A lot of high-quality sperm is usually needed for other methods of infertility treatment that are there in the IVF program. For intracytoplasmic on the other hand just one is enough. When ICSI is done during in vitro fertilization, pregnancy, and the frequency of its occurrence is practically independent from the quality of the sperm. Therefore, when ICSI program is performed in Moscow or elsewhere, the price of "ICSI children," and their birth does not depend on the poor performance on the spermiogram.

The method of intracytoplasmic injection is one of the most effective assisted reproductive technologies, which can be used in the most severe forms of male infertility. This method of treatment of infertility, ICSI fertilization allows you to succeed even if the man has an innate lack of ejaculatory channels, as well as if after a vasectomy.

Usually, in this case, the male sperm has a very low fertility ability. According to world statistics, intracytoplasmic injection that is implemented on medical indications, provides a chance for a successful outcome that is about the dame as during in vitro fertilization.

The cost of ICSI, the price of the procedure due to the higher technology is definitely not low, but it is reachable. The ICSI clinic, where ICSI is performed, indicate how much IVF with ICSI costs, in their price lists. How much does ICSI cost in our clinic, you can find out on our website.

This way a sum of around 3-5 thousand dollars comes out. And this - is the average cost for IVF. What is the cost of treating infertility by IVF, depends on the clinic and your specific situation.