During the 10 years of working experience in the field of reproductive technologies our Reproduction and Genetics Clinic-NGC has aquired an extensive database of donor eggs, sperm and embryos. Our database today has 300 donor ova, 1000 frozen oocytes and more than 200 donor embryos.

Selecting egg donation clinic or agency

What to look for when choosing an egg donation agency or clinic?

  1. Donor Characteristics

Most donor eggs agencies have specific guidelines for the donor's age, weight and lifestyle. They screen medical and family history, as well as the history of fertility and infectious diseases. pay attention to availability of a genetic passport of the donor (screening for more than 35 monogenic diseases) and psychological testing.

  1. Possibility to select a donor online

Egg Donor Agencies should have a diverse selection of egg donors who have a mix of ethnic, religious and cultural traditions. The database must be up to date and local donors should be available to reduce travel costs for potential parents.

  1. Service Cost

During selection you should pay attention to this parameter. Is the price reasonable and has appropriate quality of service?

Why choose a donor program in NGC?

  1. Transparency

Compared to the other egg donor agencies, in our center we interview each potential egg donor candidate, before they are added to our database. We find that,applications based on photos and a telephone conversation are unacceptable. In addition, we demand that the egg donors provide documentary evidence of the statements made in their Application -regarding diploma, job, etc. If you see an egg donor in our database, you can be sure that they were not just tested, but also have met with us and have made it through our program of strict evaluation.

  1. Cost

We believe that we can run a successful business without charging unreasonable fees. We believe that the practice of charging percentage of the donor's fee, in addition to the usual agency fee - as a result of constant reward "inflation" - Is unethical. The cost of our service is fully separate from the donor's payment.In addition, our first time, standard charge for donor eggs start at $ 8,000, commeasurable with the latest guidelines established by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, and many doctors.

  1. Availability

We understand that you may investigate egg donation as a couple or alone as one of the parents, and it's our job to be inclusive and supporting of your particular situation. If you do it with a partner or spouse, we want to include them in the process. Our "entire family" approach to egg donation is an unusual method among egg donor agencies in Europe, but we can not do it any other way.

  1. Nursing and Treatment

Future parents and Egg donors are often under stress and feel vulnerable even before taking some of the drugs. The time and expenses associated with infertility, not to mention the huge emotional toll that it takes, means that a higher level of compassion is necessary from the very first day.Also , clear information and promptitude are crucial - one missed day in the schedule may end up in an abandoned or delayed cycle. Here at Bhed, we understand all these issues, and our staff is trained to help you at every stage of the process.

Egg donor matching process in programm

The clinic has a unique database of donors, using which the patient can sort out the donors by more than 30 parameters and characteristics, including baby photos, essay on a given topic, a sample of handwriting,recording of the voice and availability of a genetic passport.

Once you have found a egg donor , send a claim through an email with the ID of the donor from website or call +7 (812) 77-55555 and our medical coordinator will confirm the availability of the donor in the Cryobank or the need for stimulation. After signinng of the the contract for the IVF donor program in our clinic or the delivery of donor eggs to your location, we begin the preparations.

Once we have received your signed contract and processed the agency Reward to fertility company, you will be contacted by our program coordinator, who will be your contact every day throughout the process.

The Program Coordinator will forward the information about your donor to the doctor, and she will ensure that the psychological screenings and genetic counseling are scheduled on time.Your donor will start to go through a variety of tests, including the following. (* Psych and Genetic screening are not necessary for repetative donors).

What is included in the examination of the donor?

  1. A full medical examination

Donor eggs

  • gynecological examination, Pelvic ultrasound, breast glands.
  • smear of the flora of the urethra and the cervical canal.
  • smear on cervical cytology.
  • colposcopy
  • screening for infection: gonorrhea, chlamydia, genital herpes, ureaplasmosis, mycoplasmosis, cytomegalovirus
  • a blood test for syphilis, HIV, hepatitis B and C.
  • determination of blood group and Rh factor.
  • Clynical blood analysis.
  • analysis of blood clotting.
  • biochemical blood analysis.
  • urinalysis.
  • ECG.
  • fluorography.
  • inspection by the therapist and the conclusion about health condition and absence contraindications for surgical intervention.
  • examination and conclusion of a psychiatrist.

Sperm Donors

  • Examination by a therapist and a urologist
  • Psychiatrist examination
  • Consultation of a genetical doctor
  • Screening for gonorrhea, chlamydia, cytomegalovirus, herpes, ureaplasmosis, mycoplasmosis - once every 6 months
  • Analysis for syphilis, HIV, hepatitis And C
  • Determination of blood groups and Rh factor
  • Cytogenetic screening karyotyping, and cystic fibrosis - once.
  1. Psychological testing

Our donors fill the specifically designed psychometric tests and questionnaires,which allows us to evaluate:

  • the level of psychological state
  • understand the motivation to become a donor
  • to shed some light on the life of the donor before the "deposit of biological material"
  • see the phenotypic portrait of the donor
  1. Genetical screening
  • medical and genetical counseling
  • examination of the donor for 35 monogenic diseases

Choices of programs with donor eggs?

"Donor" and "Anonymous donor"

If the necessity arises to use donor eggs we offer specifically designed programs "donor" and "Anonymous donor", which include the provision of nominee donor that has passed a full medical examination in accordance with the applicable legislation and, additionaly , an examination for identification of possible genetic pathologies

We advise to particularly note the fact that the cost of the package includes donor compensation, as well as full co-ordination of the program all the way until the pickup of biological material at your chosen clinic. Medications for stimulating the donor are paid separately.If the donor eggs are used in a program, in which a surrogate mother is involved, the price of donor's services in the contract is a separate item.

In the case of circumstances caused by any inability of the donor to participate in the program, it will be restarted with another worthy candidate without any further expenses from your side.

"Vitrified donor"

You can also use the economical and faster program - "vitrified donor" Decision on the number of required oocytes usually is made by the treating physician.

"Elite donor"

An "Elite donor" program can also be developed individually for you .You can discuss it in more detail during a personal consultation in the office of our centre. Our specialists will give you all the information you need (free of charge): about the surrogate mother and her services, egg donation, as well as the prices for specific procedures.