Nine months pregnancy with NGC – nine months of confidence in a pregnancy outcome

NGC clinic realizes the importance of prenatal care "from A to Z" during the whole period and will take care of a baby and mother health.

Every expectant mother is consulted by an obstetrician-gynecologist who takes care of her pregnancy and answers to all her questions, understanding all complexities of her delicate state of health. An important aspect is that a doctor provides much-needed psychological and informational support. Doctor prescribes individually all required procedures, medicines, sends a patient to certain specialists, who are also receiving patients in the NGC clinic - it is convenient and comfortable for a patient. Our doctors have been specializing for years on prenatal care after IVF and know its specifics.

Prenatal care program

Prenatal care program includes:

  • Regular consultations of an obstetrician-gynecologist at a convenient time for an expectant mother, administration of hormonal agents to maintain post-IVF pregnancy, and their gradual withdrawal. This is stipulated by the fact that this pregnancy has its own peculiarities; consultation of "narrowly focused specialists": ent doctor, ophthalmologist, physician, endocrinologist, geneticist and other consultants.
  • All required analyses that help a doctor to assess accurately the way a baby develops, and to carry out timely preventive measures against possible complications, ultrasound examination by a physician- perinatologist using modern equipment. This includes color doppler sonography, three-dimensional scanning, photo and video record of a baby’s intrauterine life, as well as a regular ultrasound screening.
  • Latest evaluation program of intrauterine fetus’ state and uterus’ tone, where an expectant mother can hear a baby's heartbeat.
  • Referral to a maternity house.
  • Postnatal care.

 A program is adjusted by an attending physician, depending on a pregnancy course during the entire period until delivery.