IVF Next Generation Clinic in St. Petersburg, Russia has opened its doors to patients who want to become parents in March 2015 and was opened by the famous physician reproductologist Kornilov Nikolay Valerievich. The medical center is a four-storey building, in which we have:

  • Ground floor:
    • lower reception
    • pharmacy, where patients always have the option to purchase hormonal drugs prescribed by the doctor with good prices and with assurance of high quality!
  • First floor:
    • Operating and manipulation theatre (in which all ART procedures are held directly, in particular IVF)
    • embryology laboratory (in which the work with the biomaterial is conducted and the Cryobank is also there)
    • comfortable lounges for patients after puncture and transfer
  • Second floor:
    • offices for doctors reproductologists, urologist, as well as physician and chief physician
    • Andrology Laboratory (here the biologists treat the sperm of men for the subsequent insemination or IVF)
    • top reception at which the signing of a contract with the patient takes place
  • Third floor:
    • genetic laboratory and the microscopy. This is where genetics doctors perform karyotyping, investigations of male chromosomes, genetic studies by aCGH method.
  • Fourth floor:
    • ventilation chamber in which there are four independent air cleaning systems of the air in the whole clinic and in particular the embryology lab. This is extremely important in order to increase the survival rate of the embryos during the commission of IVF treatments.

Not many IVF centers in St. Petersburg have such large areas in which they can provide a full spectrum of services in assisting reproductive technologies and where patients have the opportunity to wait for the reception of the doctor in comfort and luxury.

IVF Clinic NGC is located in St. Petersburg, in the center of the city, located on Vasilevsky Island, between Grand Avenue of Vasilevsky Island and Lieutenant Shmidt embankment. Here, within walking distance are attractions such as the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island, Stock Exchange, Monument to Basil, Church of the Three Sanctifiers. The building which houses the medical center for IVF was designed by renowned Architector Trezzini in the middle of the XIX century.

We also cooperate with the best hotels in St. Petersburg on Vasilevsky Island - Sokos, Park Inn. The clinic always has the possibility of comfortable accommodation at special prices!

The main advantages of the IVF center in St. Petersburg

Despite the young age of the clinic the doctors already more than 20 years of experience and trac record!

The main advantages of the clinic are:

  1. Skilled reproductologists, embryologists, geneticists, urologists, andrologists, biologists, endrokrinologists, immunologists, therapists - physicians of the highest qualification, candidates and doctors of medical sciences. Our doctors have already helped hundreds of couples to become happy parents!
  2. The heart or the center of the clinic are the embryological and genetic laboratories in which our doctors work with biomaterial, cultivate the embryos and carried out a full range of genetic research for the success of the IVF procedure.
  3. Cryobank - a huge selection of donor programs (Vitrified egg and fresh donor eggs, cryopreserved sperm, frozen embryos)
  4. Embryology and andrology laboratory equipment:
    • Olympus inverted microscope for conducting manipulation with eggs and embryos
    • Saturn 5 Active Laser for the hatching procedure
    • latest Sperm Analyzer SQA-V
    • Laminaria K-Systems to make work with the cells as close too natural as possible
    • Galaxy Incubators
    • Coda Aero - a special system to clean the air inside the lab
  5. Clinic’s ventilation
  6. Individual approach and attention to each of the patients. This is not just words!

The main advantages of conducting the IVF procedure at NGC clinic in St. Petersburg

The main advantage of our center is that we closely monitor the health of the women at all stages, from the arrival to the clinic before pregnancy - treatment of the «full cycle»:

  • The ability to conduct a full comprehensive survey of men and women, ranging from infectious causes, ending with the immunological
  • Full range of ART services:
    • In vitro fertilization (IVF)
    • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)
    • MESA / PESA / Tesa - surgical sampling of sperm from men
    • Artificial (intrauterine) insemination (AI) with sperm of the husband or the donor
    • Hatching
    • Transfer of blastocyst (embryo) into the uterus
    • Preimplantation diagnosis (PGD), an innovative and revolutionary method that significantly increases pregnancy - aCGH
    • Vitrification and storage of cryopreserved embryos in the Cryobank of the medical center within the IVF program
    • Sperm Cryopreservation
    • Cryopreservation of eggcells
    • IVF programs with donor eggs and sperm. We have the best prices in Santk Petersburg. Check out the rebates

At this point, we ask of you to pay special attention to the strict fulfillment of all recommendations and doctor's appointments. Below for our readers to better understand, we briefly describe what makes up the IVF protocol in the medical center of St. Petersburg:

  • Stimulation of superovulation hormonal therapy. This step is required for the growth of follicles in the ovaries.
  • Follicle puncture or simply put egg removal.
  • Fertilization of the egg by sperm of the husband or the donor. At this stage the ICSI procedure may be necessary in the case of male infertility.
  • The cultivation of embryos in terms of embryology
  • Embryo transfer into the uterine cavity.
  • Diagnosis of pregnancy and luteal phase support. One of the most important steps during which the reproductologist of the Centre closely monitors the pregnancy and assigns medications containing estrogen, progesterone, gonadotropin. At this time, the patients are given a two-week sick leave and stays at home and is recommended to be in calm conditions and a comfortable environment.

Our focus is on the individuality of each patient, due to the fact that people are not the same and therefore diseases are not either. We never use ready-made solutions and harvested schemes, we will simply help you to become parents in our beautiful Medical Center Clinic of Reproduction and Genetics in St. Petersburg.