How to find a surrogate mother?

Seeking a surrogate mother: where to start?

Modern medicine can fulfill the dream of childless couples to bring up their own children. Almost every woman wants to go through the stages of pregnancy and childbirth, to feel the cherished kicks in the abdomen, hear the heartbeat during ultrasound. But a number of diseases, can unfortunately, block the way to the goal. For those who can not bear a baby independently, it has become a reality by choosing a surrogate mother.

Northern capital - a city to which parents increasingly flock interested in the offers of surrogate mothers. NGC in St. Petersburg is ready to provide expert assistance to prospective parents. In this article we consider the objective situation on the legal, medical, psychological level, in which couples find themselves while trying to find a surrogate mother in Russia.

Where to find a surrogate mother - a concern for many potential parents. Possibilities of childless couples can be limited in many ways. The couple does not have the right to choose a surrogate mother, based only on their desires, and simply advertise: I need a surrogate mother. This is a direct violation of the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

To find a surrogate mother in Russia is not so simple, because this kind of relationship is regulated by the public authorities. In accordance with the order of the Ministry of Health of Russia from 30.08.2012 №107n there is a limited list of ailments, which can be the indication for a surrogacy program.

These include:

  • permanent damage or complete absence of the uterus;
  • common diseases, which are a contraindication to pregnancy and childbirth;
  • three or more failed IVF attempts in a row to obtain high-quality embryos;
  • three or more pregnancies that ended in a miscarriage.

Before you start browsing profiles to find a good surrogate mother in St. Petersburg and other cities throughout the Russian Federation, for the genetic parents it is important to perform a series of actions. The surrogacy program is divided into several stages:

  • medical examination of the prospective parents to get the conclusion about the necessity of carrying out a substitution for the birth of a child;
  • studying information about in vitro fertilization, the calculation of financial possibilities and the decision on the admissibility of the spouses to use the services of a surrogate mother;
  • looking for a surrogate mother and the registration of contract between the surrogate mother and bio parents;
  • preparation and entry into the IVF protocol.


Where to find a surrogate mother, and the price of surrogacy

Future parents who need a surrogate mother, are concerned not just about how to find a surrogate mother in St. Petersburg for the birth of the child, but also about the cost of this service, as well as the payment method.

It is important to remember that a woman who agrees to bear another man's child, is putting her body at serious risk. Firstly, she will be going through strong hormone therapy which may be just before birth. Second, there may be the possibility of multiple pregnancies, which requires a bigger use of inner resources and is fraught with complications. Possibilities of health problem occurrence during the IVF procedure. Also there may be the possibility of bringing the surrogate mother to the hospital for safekeeping, as well as premature delivery if medically indicated. Therefore, couples seeking a surrogate mother should understand that the price of her services can not be low.

The desire to save money in this matter often turns against genetic parents who are looking for a surrogate mother in St. Petersburg. The total sum of money turns out to be two times more than originally expected by the spouses. Couples looking for a surrogate mother on the Internet, most likely can meet up with a fraud surrogate mother. The cost of her services will grow with each month of pregnancy. Offers of surrogacy, in the web ads can turn into an acquaintance with dishonest people, a subtle psychologist, who can play on the feelings of the biological parents.

When searching for surrogacy themselves the bio parents have to give large sums of money on an examination of potential contenders. The number of candidates can not be predicted in advance.

If you are thinking where to find a good cheap surrogate mother in St. Petersburg, it is worth recalling the popular wisdom about the "free lunch". Bearing and giving birth to a child - is an honorable job that entails consequences for the health of the body. A normal woman, who has decided to become a surrogate mother, will never agree to the amount lower than the market price. If you receive offers with an attractive price it can be expected that behind this there lies an attempt to deceive.

Total cost of surrogacy is made up of the costs:

  • for medical examination;
  • medications;
  • IVF procedure;
  • the final payment to the surrogate mother.

Do not forget that there is a possible scenario in which several attempts at in vitro fertilization have to be made. This also reflects on the final amount.

It is important for the expectant parents who are seeking a surrogate mother to remember that the main purpose of the program is the acquisition of the long-awaited happiness.

How do you find a surrogate mother?

Potential parents have questions “how do i find a surrogate mother” and “where can i find a surrogate mother”, and where to put up ads while looking for a surrogate mother?

On the Internet, there are thousands of forums, groups in the social media with advertisements, "Will make a couple happy - will present you with a baby!", "Surrogate mother needed", "We are looking for a surrogate mother for conception in a test tube." There are plenty of offers as well as demands for this service, but an independent search through the sites for a surrogate mother - is a risky business.

Most of the candidates do not fit the criteria to be met by surrogate mothers:

  • They have a history of sexually transmitted diseases, Cesarean section, abortions, miscarriages, hereditary diseases, pathology of pregnancy;
  • They do not have children;
  • IVF procedure;
  • They suffer from alcoholism, drug addiction, smoking;
  • Have adverse living conditions, leading asocial way of life;
  • They want "easy" money, not knowing what is required of a surrogate mother in St. Petersburg;
  • not psychologically prepared;
  • from surrogate mothers, that are working without an agency, there is a big possibility of extortion and blackmail.

People who are looking for a surrogate mother through sites, spend a huge amount of time and effort. They have to meet with many candidates and spend money on their examination. The scary thing is that in the end you can make a fatal mistake, which later will cause suffering to the whole family.

The saddest thing is when couples who independently make ads for surrogate mothers become victims of fraud. They are left without a decent amount of money, without achieving the desired result. They are still in urgent need of a surrogate mother, but after all that they have no strength nor the time to read the ads.

Honest, adequate women, in turn, fear the failure of fulfilling the conditions by the biological parents. They find centers of surrogate mothers and cooperate only with reliable clinics.

Therefore, the idea to look for a surrogate mother in St. Petersburg without any middleman most likely will not bring the desired result.

Some prospective parents look for a woman for surrogacy among friends and relatives. It seems that to trust such an honorable mission to a relative or friend may be the most reliable option. And you can save on the payments: it’s unlikely that relatives will ask for a big sum of money.

But this method of finding a surrogate mother also carries a number of risks:

  • there is a possibility that a friend or relative will want to keep the baby;
  • there is a possibility of spoiling relations forever;
  • it is impossible to keep secret the information about the surrogacy.

Prospective parents who need a surrogate mother in St. Petersburg should be aware of the importance of mental and emotional status of the surrogate mother. Too close contact with her can cause a surge of feelings for the newborn. Therefore, it is best to seek a surrogate mother in Russia among strangers.

Search for a surrogate mother in St. Petersburg in NGC clinic

If you are looking for a surrogate mother in St. Petersburg, you have most likely noticed how many dubious offers for surrogacy the prospective parents receive. The mediators promise to pick the candidacy within two days, and try to assure that the proposed surrogate mother is in perfect health.

The promise to find a surrogate mother in St. Petersburg in such a short time should alarm you. Most likely, this agency is leading the prospective parents astray.

We understand that almost all customers the surrogate mother is needed urgently. Ovarian reserve of the woman decreases with each passing year; the couple is exhausted by the numerous medical interventions. But, despite this, to hire a surrogate mother and to start a cycle of synchronization can not happen faster than within one month.

If a woman seeking employment as a surrogate mother, has made an ad by herself, she will be having to take an examination at her own expense. And only after the response of the potential parents they can talk about compensation for the tests already made. The surrogate mother will not necessarily be able to able to agree on favorable terms for herself. Therefore, good surrogate mothers prefer to work through specialized clinics, which will be reimburse all the costs. Additionally, women do not have to think where to find offers for a surrogate mother.

If you want to be confident in the result, the NGC Clinic offers its services for who are people looking for a surrogate mother in St. Petersburg.

With professional help the search for a surrogate mother in St. Petersburg will be made easier as much as possible.

The candidates for the role of a surrogate mother at the NGC clinic have all passed a strict selection.

Minimum criteria for women, offering to become surrogate mothers, is approved by the Russian Ministry of Health Order from 30th of August 2012 №107n.

Surrogate mothers could be:

  • women aged 20 to 35 years;
  • those that have their own healthy baby;
  • those that have the assessment about the good state of their health, and there are no obstacles to pregnancy and childbirth;
  • those that gave consent for surrogacy.

In addition, the NGC clinic checks that the past delivery of the woman that is offering surrogacy were natural. Caesarean section in the history prevents participation in the program. Our clinic requires surrogate mothers only with positive blood Rh factor to avoid conflict.

Offers from surrogate mothers in our hospital: double standards of check ups To be entered into the database for parents looking for a surrogate mother a woman goes through a thorough medical examination:

  • every year a woman who wants to find a job as surrogate mother does chest X-rays, ECG, cytological examination of the cervix and gets a conclusion from a therapist about the satisfactory condition of her body for pregnancy and childbirth;
  • every 6 months the candidates pass tests for ailments, sexually transmitted diseases;
  • every 3 months she does blood tests from a vein on HIV, AIDS, syphilis and hepatitis;
  • each month the candidates which have made a request for surrogacy, retake a smear on flora, coagulation, urinalysis, clinical and biochemical blood test;
  • only one time the woman has to get the conclusion of a psychiatrist, does cytogenetic screening, pelvic ultrasound with Doppler, gives blood to determine blood group and Rh factor.

In NGC we pay special attention to the psychological state of the women who want to become a surrogate mother in St. Petersburg. Our experts test the candidates to determine the specialties of the character. The mother must be non-conflicting, calm, and make well balanced decisions. The role of a surrogate mother does not fit girls who are impulsive, prone to quarrels and like to clarify relationships. The psychologists conclude whether the woman's desire is well thought through and whether or not the relatives agree with her.

Where to find a surrogate mother?

The answer is simple in NGC. To ensure high quality of services provided, one should turn to professionals. It may seem that the services at NGC clinic are more expensive than if you look for a woman for surrogacy over the internet. But the advantages of our company are obvious:

  • NGC clinic has more than 10 years of experience in the field of surrogacy;
  • Our specialists are constantly improving their skills, we use only the most modern practices and technologies;
  • the possibility of selection of a surrogate mother as quickly as possible, because we have a large database of candidates who have been examined and we are constantly looking for more surrogate mothers in Russia;
  • signing of a contract between the genetic parents and a surrogate mother through lawyers specializing in ART;
  • legal support throughout the program until the reception of the child's birth certificate;
  • payment of the surrogate mother’s services takes place after the reception of the documents on the baby by the parents;
  • surrogate mothers live in comfort in a country house;
  • each surrogate mother is accompanied and monitored by a personal supervisor;
  • the services of NGC clinic are all in one place, there is no need to go to different parts of the city.

When working with us the question of where to find a surrogate mother in St. Petersburg, disappears by itself. In the NGC clinic the female candidates have passed a thorough check up on all sides. Thanks to extensive experience, compared to other clinics of St. Petersburg we need the least time to find a surrogate mother.

Unfortunately, no agency can guarantee a perfect result of the procedure. But with the help of our knowledge and experience we reduce the perceived risks to zero. The ability to work with people, the use of the most advanced technology - is our key to successful completion of the program of surrogate motherhood.