The use of donor eggs and embryos is one of the most effective methods of fighting infertility. Many women face a similar problem. It takes months or years for the treatment of infertility, because of which, the only productive output is an IVF program. The advantages of the donor embryo method are numerable. The probability of a positive result is pretty high at any age.

What is embryo donation?

Donated embryos adoption procedure is a result of the merging of the egg and a living sperm which is subsequently transferred to the patient's uterus. Pregnancy occurs after successful completion of the entire process. In most cases, the embryos are collected from couples who have been treated in an IVF program.

Before the few ready-made embryos are transplanted into the uterus, the patient takes a preparatory course. This program means special pills or skin patches with high content of estrogen during the course also includes suppositories with progesterone for vaginal application. Before the beginning of embryo transfer there will be an ultrasound. Therapy should be the same as in the initial stage of the menstrual cycle. If necessary, it is triggered by artificial means. Thus, with the help of ultrasound the growth of the endometrium is monitored.

Embryo donation programs

If after a successful IVF embryos were frozen, and the couple did not want to have any more children, by their decision, and written informed consent, they can transfer these embryos and make a frozen embryo donation to another infertile couple or to an unmarried woman.

IVF program with donated embryos is also called embryo adoption. The indications for the use of donor embryos can be:

  • bad genetic prognosis
  • the combination of male and female infertility factors, i.e., inability to use male and female cells at the same time in IVF
  • inability to obtain the egg cells of the patient
  • repeated unsuccessful IVF attempts, which resulted in embryos of poor quality, the transfer of which did not result in pregnancy.

Most often this program is used by married couples or single women who choose to bear and give birth to the child on their own.

The donor embryo transfer into the uterus, is a complex and a very expensive process. This is due to the complexity of the technical equipment, the delivery of necessary medicines and the high requirements for the qualifications of the doctor. Indications for donor embryo adoption are as follows:

  • The need for a simpler infertility treatment
  • In the case of failed attempts of different reproductive methods
  • Premature loss of the ovarian functionality
  • The onset of menopause
  • Failure to respond to an active ovarian stimulation
  • Single women or same-sex couples

The donor embryo, the price for which is quite high, is a popular procedure. It can be carried out only after the consent of both parties. Such a program can be compared to the process of adoption, as the woman will be bearing a foreign embryo. In most cases, the desire to enjoy pregnancy outweighs the cost of the donor embryo and the complexity of the procedure.

Documents required for the transport of cryo material

Before deciding on such a procedure, each couple has to collect the necessary documents and obtain the appropriate permissions.

A statement from the patient, from whom the cryopreserved material was taken, for the issuing of the embryos, in writing;

The accompanying document indicating the date of the cryopreservation, the personal data of the patient, the quality of the biological material, the environment and its preservation storage, date of issuing for transportation and the signature of the person who took the bio material.

Upon receiving the cryopreserved material, the embryo donation international NGC clinic provides detailed information about the donors. That usually is the age, blood group, nationality, main external indicators (weight, height, skin color and hair), presence of children, place of work.

What determines the price of the donor embryos

Today, leading doctors have developed several basic IVF programs. This allows you to determine the degree of the complexity of the problem and to choose the best method to solve it. Each couple facing problems of infertility face the question of how much does a donor embryo, cost. IVF programs are quite expensive, but their effectiveness fully justifies the spent material resources. Thus, the price of the procedure fully depends on the program chosen. It can be a standard IVF using donor sperm. Also, today there are programs available with the transfer of two embryos, "egg donation" and “transplantation of three or more of cryopreserved eggs». The cost of the treatment depends on the method that will be chosen. Some IVF programs do not include the price of the medications used. Such details need to be cleared with your doctor.

How long does the treatment take?

Transplanting a donor embryo is a lengthy procedure. Before you decide on the treatment, you need to find detailed information on the process of fertilization. It is advisable to read reviews and embryo donation stories on IVF forums, consult doctors and couples who have gone through such a program. Usually the time from the start of the treatment till the embryo transfer extends from 2 to 7 weeks. Timing, as well as the price depends on the complexity of the problem, the general state of readiness of the body of the woman.

Donor Embryo success rate

In every case, which uses this type of embryo transfer IVF the chance to get the desired result is 25-40%. Therefore, often, success requires more than one attempt. At the same time, there is a positive trend from year to year, and the percentage of successful transplants of donor embryos is increasing.


Advantages of embryo donation program

Using donor eggs and embryos allows you to become pregnant when your own body cannot produce them on its own. And given the fact that donors are young healthy women, the probability of success in this case is higher than the "standard" IVF. You can ask and discuss with our expert’s questions relating to the treatment procedure and the value of donated embryos and eggs. Make an appointment by multichannel phone+78127755555, or by visiting our own national embryo donation center.