Egg donation

What is eggs donation procedure?

Nowadays egg donation is the most common addition to IVF technique. In the whole world and in Russia this IVF programs and procedures has become widespread because of environmental deterioration as well as shifting of the parental age scope and changing public opinion. Women who have to apply egg donation process have different reasons not to use their own oocytes (age, illnesses, genetic factors) but can carry a child (children) to term. In the USA 15 years ago the biggest donation banks were created with frozen eggs and a huge catalogue available for a patient or a couple to find a suitable donor. Below we listed FAQ about egg donation.

Indications to the search, choice and use donor eggs

Are regulated by Law 107 of the Health Ministry of the Russian Federation as follows:

  1. if there are no eggs as a result of menopause, premature ovarian failure, after operative treatment of genitals or genetic disorders
  2. if there are more than 3 failed IVF attempts in the personal medical history, low response to stimulation of superovulation, low quality fetuses or low ovary reserves.

In search systems the request about egg donation procedure is very popular. This service is constantly growing but very often patients face a problem of very high prices for donation of agencies even though their banks have invalid information. So it is difficult to find female egg donors without using the verified oocytes in IVF clinics.

Specialists of our medical center have managed to create a bank of verified donors oocytes to provide a very fast choice of donors. Every one of our patient or patients of other different clinics get usually fast response.

Egg donation procedure

1. Oocyte donation supplying 12 fresh and verified donor eggs.

In this case the patient is not stimulated independently, a doctor observes the growth of her endometrium, directing her therapy and preparing her for the transfer of embryos, which have been received as a result of 12 donors’ ovum fertilization with the sperm of the recipient’s husband. Embryos left after the transfer can be verified and kept in the bank if the patient wishes to do so.

2. IVF in the natural cycle offering 6 donors eggs.

In this case the patient prepares for the procedure independently. To increase her chances together with her own egg the 6 donor oocytes are fertilized with the sperm of the recipient’s husband.

3. Standard IVF supplying 8 donors eggs at a reduced price.

In this case the stimulation of the patient’s superovulation is produced and donors’ oocytes are given at a lower price to increase her chances to success.

As a rule the ovaries donation is used with the patients who didn’t get a positive result in the previous programs with their own stimulation.

While creating this program of donorship our company tries to create budget variants and at the same time to supply the recipient with the sufficient number of embryos for the transfer. That is why the big choice of eggs is necessary. With fewer than 6 oocytes our practice shows that it’s not possible to grow for more than 5 days when the sperm quality isn’t good enough.

What is the cost of oocyte/egg donation for patients of other clinics?

Our clinic has a huge bank of gametes patients from all over Russia and Europe applying to us for the oocyte donation. They often compare the prices of anonymous donor preparation in IVF programs with defrosting of vitrified eggs. Let’s compare:

  1. Preparation of a fresh donation costs (if IVF is 118000 rubles
  2. 115000 rubles – the price of a donor’s service plus the interest of the agency
  3. 45000 rubles the price of medications for stimulation of superovulation
  4. about 1000000 rubles is the price of extra corporal fertilization
  5. 27000 rubles is the price of ICSI (if necessary)

So in general the price of donation preparation together with IVF+ICSI will be 305000 rubles.

The program in some other clinics considering the cost of donor eggs 19000 rubles for an oocyte:

  • 152000 rubles – the price of 8 oocytes for treatment in some other clinic;
  • 13800 rubles - defrosting oocytes;
  • 9500 rubles - fertilizing oocytes;
  • 27000 rubles additional payment for ICSI during fertilizing;
  • 33500 rubles - cultivating embryos;
  • 19000 rubles - embryo transfer.

So as a result of some simple calculations the cost of egg adoption program is 254800 rubles.

The advantage of the program is also in speed of procedure preparation and in the lack of dependency on the interests and physical abilities of an oocyte donor. A patient of any clinic can apply to our managers of our bank to ask them to help with the choice of an oocyte donor as well as calculate the cost of delivery this oocyte donation to any region. You also can ask about private egg donation. Donors’ oocytes are vitrified in cryotops in 4 pieces and can be kept for unlimited time.

Delivery is done in a special transport dewar which keeps the temperature of liquid nitrogen for up to 3 days. Very often our company manages to help patients who have failed to be fertilized after puncture – we quickly deliver oocytes and the patient doesn’t waste time and money on her own stimulation. A large number of donor programs, optimal prices for oocyte donor services, huge cryobank of our clinic – all together make it possible to choose and fulfill the program for all our patients as well as patients of other clinics.

Strict requirements for donating eggs!

  1. Eggdonors can be healthy women of the age of 18 – 32.
  2. Each woman must undergo a complete medical examination according to Law 107 of Health Ministry of the Russian Federation which includes:
    • karyotype analyses,
    • blood for HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B,C
    • microscopic test of vaginal smear, smear for infections of sexual transmission – chlamydia, mycoplasma, ureplasma
    • molecule-biological examination for cytomegalovirus and virus of herpes simplex 1,2
    • clinical blood analysis, coagulogram
    • urinalysis
    • Papanicolaou smear
    • fluorography
    • electrocardiogram
    • therapist doctor examination
    • psychiatrist
    • consultation of a gynecologist- fertility specialist who defines the potential donor and the number of eggs to be received. (In our program we try to use not fewer than 15 oocytes).
  3. We also make demands on proper height-weight parameters of female egg donors, their education and attractiveness as we want our patients to have clever and beautiful kids.

There is almost no risk in egg donating process for donor.

What are the advantages of donation programs in egg donation and surrogacy centre?

  • There is a huge choice of egg donation programs with possibilities of combining different variants of stimulation and oocytes retrieval.
  • Low cost of oocytes donation eggs. The clinic is constantly having promotions. This summer there was an offer “IVF with 12 donors’ oocytes at the price of 190000 rubles what is presently the lowest price in St Petersburg.
  • Our physicians tell you all step by step about donation egg process
  • A huge bank of vitrified oocytes, a large base of donors, a chance to choose a donor from our electronic catalogue on the clinic site. Every patient can choose an oocyte donor according to her preferences: the eyes and hair color, nationality, race, height and weight characteristics, blood type and Rh affinity. Managers of the clinic will help to choose a donor in a couple of days if you send an e-mail to the clinic site and give the information to the doctor in case there is a need for a remote assistance.
  • The program is highly efficient as our specialists have many years experience working together as a team of doctors-fertility specialists, embryologists and managers.

Donation success rates

Using donor in IVF cycle can grow up probability to become pregnant up to 70% in one cycle. Moreover, the age of female patient is completely irrelevant due to IVF treatment with donor. Woman over 40 and 50, who unable to use their own eggs, nowadays can IVF success and become mothers.

Call us or write email and you will have your own egg donation success story!