What are frozen oocytes or eggs?

These are eggs, which are rapidly frozen using nitrogen at minus 196 C. Using this technique, the intracellular fluid of the ovum, adding certain substances, is turned into the vitreous condition without ice crystals which might ruin the cell.

This technique increases the survival of eggs and embryos by freezing - thawing to 75-80%, and allows patients to carry out a second IVF cycle with vitrified eggs (embryos) without stimulating of the superovulation and use of donor vitrified oocytes (embryos) and sperm.

Price IVF with donor oocytes.

The price of IVF with donor gametes depends on whether you select an anonymous or a non-anonymous donor. In the first case, count on more than 250 thousand rubles, and in the second att 180-200 thousand rubles in domestic private Russian clinics. In Ukraine, the prices are from 44500 Ukrainian Hryvnas for IVF with frozen eggs from an anonymous donor and from 32,500 Ukrainian Hryvnas for IVF with your own material. Cost for IVF with frozen donor eggs abroad IVF can be up to $ 3500 and above $ 12,000 . Prices for oocytes are much lower in NGC there than in the whole Russia, due to large cryobank.

The composition of the IVF program with vitrified donor eggs from bank

The following services are included in the program:

  • Assignment of endometrial preparation schemes to patient for the transfer of embryos
  • Vitrified eggs
  • Defrosting of eggs
  • ICSI or IMSI
  • Embryological stage (sperm preparation and fertilization of eggs, fertilization and the cultivation of embryos)
  • Embryo transfer with stay in day care
  • Cryopreservation of embryos
  • All exclusive information about egg donor

Success rate of IVF with egg donation from fertility bank

IVF of donor oocytes does not give 100% guarantee, as well as artificial in vitro fertilization using their own gametes. In women of 23-25 years, birth success rate of IVF is 30-40% at the first attempt, and at the age of about 40 years - in only 15% of cases the first attempt succeeds. Thus, the percentage of successful IVF with donor eggs will be higher if it was taken from a healthy young woman who has had all the examinations and who has passed the necessary tests. Compared with an own-egg middle-aged woman, who has a health problem, donor material would be advantageous. There a lot of success stories from patients, who’s percent pregnancy per transfer with frozen donor egg was about 60-70%. That is why IVF with a donor egg can be even more successful than conventional IVF. Recipient age if under 50 does not play a role. But there are pitfalls arising from the use of fresh (not frozen oocytes) - synchronization issues between donor and recipient. Cryotechnology solves this problem: frozen egg waiting until the patient grows the desired layer of the endometrium is not necessary to arrange the donation of the sperm with the egg collection. In this, frozen donor eggs are not worse than fresh female germ cells.

The reasons for treatment in our clinic for this service are:

  • The availability in our clinic more than 700 Cryobank donor oocytes vitrified and of different phenotypes and of different blood groups
  • Choice of donor embryos obtained exclusively from the donor material
  • The work with clinics of reproduction to provide the biomaterial from our bank
  • The desire of patients from other clinics to conduct the program with exclusive services of our clinic, such as embryo screening methods of preimplantation genetic diagnosis NGS for transfer into the uterus of only healthy embryos.

Transportation of the frozen donor eggs from fertility bank

When oocytes, sperm, embryos are necessary, they can be delivered to any place in Russia and the world on the basis of a contract with the patient or the clinic after collecting all the necessary permits.

We guarantee the safety of the material during the transportation, because delivery is made in a special shipping container Noica of a French company maintaining the necessary temperature. Dewar is equipped with a special sensor, which provides uninterrupted temperature measurement during the entire transport. In it the temperature is maintained equal to the temperature of liquid nitrogen (-196 degrees). Acceptable time transport is 7 days, despite the fact that normally transportation takes 2-3 days, even when the material is sent to foreign countries including customs clearance. After the observance of certain formalities Dewar passes inspection without the need for x-ray scanning security services airport, which ensures the safety of the biomaterial.

Here you can order:

  • Delivery of materials, donor-sperm, oocytes, embryos.
  • Transportation of your own biomaterial from other Russian and world clinics for various treatments in our clinic.

Comments and success stories from patients

Comments of women who have passed through IVF with donor eggs are mostly the same. Someone was able to get pregnant at the age of 39 at the first attempt, the other women under the age of 30 have have several attempts before success pregnancy. In general due to high pregnancy rate (about 70% and PGS/PGD with NGS method) all without exception can be sure in success story with their IVF egg donor pregnancy.