Center for surrogacy and egg donation


Egg donation gives opportunity for many women in the world to find the happiness of motherhood.

Clinics of Reproduction and Genetics NGC have a large updated database of surrogacy mothers and egg donors women from St. Petersburg and Moscow, ready to help childless families by taking part in the IVF donor program. All our egg donors before donation meet the requirements of the Ministry of Health, are examined and have their own healthy children.

We will help you to choose a donor and surrogacy mother from our database according to your desires , provide photos and a summary of the donors, as well as the possibility of personal communication with the potential donors of oocytes.

We will take control of the payment of medical examination of the donor (in special health care facilities), support programs, payment of cash reward to the donor and monitor the fulfillment of the donors obligations.

Advantages of donor programs

  1. More than 250 donors in our database

We have a large base of current donors of eggs (more than 250 candidates), ready to proceed immediately with the protocol. No waiting list!

  1. Extensive work experience

We have many years of experience in the field of  supporting surrogacy with donor egg programs.

  1. Best donors

We offer you a personal selection of  a donor according to your wishes, as well as the possibility of a personal acquaintance with the selected donor. Our database has only young beautiful girls with their own healthy children.

  1. Personal approach

We understand how difficult it is to make a decision on the use of donor eggs. We will provide you with the necessary assistance and free advice on on the donation of oocytes.

  1. Optimal prices

We have fixed prices for our services, you can also pay in installments. If your chosen donor is
not available for one reason or another to take part in our program , or if the donor refuses to
fulfill their commitments, we will provide you with a replacement donor for free.

  1. No prepayment

You sign a contract with our agency only after the approval of your chosen donor candidates by your attending physician reproductologist (based on ultrasound).

Selection of egg donor: become a mother no matter what the cost

Neither wealth nor career, not even fame can replace the happiness of being a mother. But in our country, infertility is the problem of hundreds of thousands of families.

If this is your problem, do not lose hope. In the case where a woman's body is not producing mature oocytes, doctors rely on IVF with donor eggs. They can literally work wonders.

But where to get an egg, suitable enough to give birth to your child?

Choosing an egg donor - is no easy task. The couple, who have made that decision, have to overcome not just the psychological barrier, but also solve a lot of organizational and medical issues.

Our center of oocyte donors NGC offers you a whole donor egg bank and consultation support. The main features of our work: strict confidentiality, maximum delicacy in dealing with our customers, comfort, and most importantly, a huge number of donor candidates. All donors undergo strict medical and genetic control. They are all young and attractive women who have successfully carried and given birth to their own children.

Our center has a spotless reputation because:

  • our bank of donor eggs is actually very large and is constantly updated;
  • We are always in touch with clients, including the possibility of online selection (at a certain stage), so working with us is particularly convenient for nonresidents;
  • our center offers the lowest prices in the city, and also free consultations;
  • We offer both anonymous and non-anonymous donors : If you wish you can, meet and talk with your selected donor.

The amplitude of the examination of egg donors

  • blood group and Rh factor;
  • Evaluation of a therapist about the absence of counter indications to nurturing pregnancy (valid for 1 year);
  • Evaluation of a psychiatrist (once);
  • gynecological examination (before each IVF attempt);
  • fluorography (valid for 1 year);
  • blood test for HIV, RW, markers for hepatitis B and C (valid for 3 months);
  • definition of Ig G and M to toxoplasma, rubella, cytomegalovirus, herpes virus (Valid for 12 months);
  • swab for purity level (actual for two weeks);
  • bacteriological testing of the cervical canal: chlamydia, mycoplasma, ureaplasma, trichomonas, candida, gonorrhea (valid for 12 months);
  • swab for cervical onkocytology (valid for 12 months)

Amplitude of couple examination.

Below is a list of the required tests and examinations for couples before beginning IVF program with donor eggs, also the expiration date of each analysis is indicated. Place of performing the analysis does not matter - for your convenience, you can go through a lot of the examinations in your region. In the case of specification of a result of or examination , we recommend to do it in our diagnostic laboratory.

List of tests /expirations date

  1. HIV (both spouses) 3 months
  2. Syphilis (both spouses) 3 months
  3. Hepatitis B (both spouses) 3 months
  4. Hepatitis C (both spouses) 3 months
  5. Swab for the levels of purity (female) 2 weeks
  6. Bacteriological innoculation: Chlamydia, Mycoplasma, ureaplasma, trichomonas, candida, gonorrhea (both spouses) 1 year
  7. Swab for onkocytology (female) 1 year
  8. The evaluation of a therapist about the possibility of carrying pregnancy 1 year
  9. Lacteal gland ultrasound 1 year
  10. Blood test for antibodies to rubella, ie presence of immunity (protection) in women

Surrogacy Program in NGC

The program includes

  • Provision of a surrogate mother, in accordance with the requirements of the federal legislation and regulations;
  • if necessary, replacement of the surrogate mother (for medical reasons);
  • Examination of the surrogate mother according to the order of Ministry of Health №107 from 30.08.2012;
  • all kinds of payments , compensation, subsidies and additional payments in favor of surrogate mother (including compensation after the birth of the child);
  • medicinal coverage of the surrogate mother;
  • expenses for travel and living expenses of the surrogate mother;
  • maintenance of pregnancy of the surrogate mother;
  • continuation of the pregnancy of the surrogate mother;
  • delivery of the surrogate mother;
  • full legal, technical, psychological support of the contract with the Company.

Stages of IVF with donor eggs

1. Selection of a donor egg.

The donation can be anonymous - the couple has no information about the donor, except phenotypic features or it can be known - the couple is informed about the donor, usually they are friends or relatives of the patients; uncompensated (guided by altruism) or for a fee.

Age of the donor should not exceed 35 years , otherwise the risk of chromosomal abnormalities is increased, and the likelihood of success of a treatment cycle is reduced. Also, donor must have at least one healthy child of their own. In addition, professional donors can also be sources of oocytes.

2. Synchronization of the menstrual cycles.

After selecting the donor and once the necessary examinations have been passed the menstrual cycles of the oocytes donor and the woman undergoing treatment have to be synchonized.

The objective at this stage is to achieve the necessary degree of maturity of the endometrium of the female recipient for the implantation (attachment) of the embryo at the time of receipt and embryo transfer. For this reason, she is introduced hormone injections in a specific pattern which cause the maturation of the endometrium or the synchronization can be done in a natural cycle. During treatment, hormone levels in the blood are controlled ,as well as Ultrasound - monitoring of the endometrium and ovaries.

3. The IVF procedure.

Along with the endometrium preparation of the recipient, the donor goes through stimulation, superovulation, to induce the maturation of multiple eggs in the ovaries. For This hormonal agents are introduced causing maturation of several follicles. Their development is controlled by examination of hormone levels in the blood and daily ultrasound monitoring with 4-5 days of stimulation. Once the follicles reach a certain size, they get centesised– acquisition of eggs by puncturing follicles with a special needle through the vaginal vaults and suctioning their contents. The obtained egg cells are fertilized by the sperm of the husband, which is given in after centesis in vitro (in a test tube). At the request of the spouses remaining embryos can be frozen.

Embryos are transferred into the uterus of the recipient female on the 17th day of the cycle. From the 15th day progesterone is prescribed and if the pregnancy test is positive the treatment is continued until 12th-14th weeks (from this point on the body begins producing its own hormones to support pregnancy).

This way, egg donation is a treatment program that has certain indications and makes it possible to actually help infertile couples.

If you want to use our surrogacy with egg donor services, call +7 (812) 77-55555 or write to us by filling the form on our site.