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Even the most perfect married couple with no children, hardly consider themselves lucky. And the greater the understanding that reigns between the spouses, the more grows their general need to have a child. The desire to surround a baby with care, pass on a piece of themselves and their love - is a natural tendency of a harmonious union of a man and a woman.

In vitro fertilization (IVF) -is a method of assisted reproductive technologies, that is currently recognized by the WHO as the most effective in the treatment of infertility of different etiology. From the time this method came into use in clinical practice, more than five million children were conceived with the use of the IVF technology.

Compared to the Sanger sequencing, for example, where it was possible to analyze only a small portion, the modern methods of sequencing (NGS) allow to read the larger part of the genome. The main advantages of this sequencing are shown in the preconception and preimplantation screening, but also the possibilities of prenatal, postnatal and population screenings have increased.

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