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Thanks to NGC, Dr Olga, Vlada and thank you Saint Petersburg!!!

Hello everybody.

I want to put forward my experience with NGC of Saint-Petersburg. Being in my late 30's and having had three previous abortions my hopes of ever becoming a mother were fading. I had also gone through IVF cycles with my own eggs unsuccessfully. I came across this clinic while searching the internet. First impression from their website was good enough to make me contact them and here I came to know Vlada. A very intelligent, professional and caring soul who helped me through the whole process and when I met her in person at the clinic she was even better in every possible aspect one could imagine. As for the clinic, a nice, beautiful and very well maintained building located in a prestigious neighborhood of the Vasilievsky island. The staff of the clinic are all professional, polite and caring. Some of them are not fluent in english (as is the case in Russia in general) but again Vlada is the key to all problems there including communication. However most of the nurses and doctors and also the clinic director Marina have a good command in English.

My doctor was Dr Olga who was very caring and patient throughout the treatments. In NGC they do not brag about the results or outcome, 30 to 40% success rate is what I can recall them telling me once when I was chatting with one of Dr Olga's nurses. For me it turned out to be 100%!!! In total I had two trips to the Clinic. First trip to see the clinic first hand (I can call myself a self acclaimed skeptical critic!), do the paperwork, payments, find the suitable donor egg, and then after some time when genetic testing results were available and my uterus was ready the second trip to Saint-Petersburg to have the Embryotransfer!

In between I was never left alone and Vlada and Dr Olga were available to answer all my questions and guide me through the necessary steps (ultrasounds, medications) I had to take at home while being thousands of miles away! All in all a very pleasant experience with NGC. I hope these people can keep up with their great job. Now that I am writing these words my son is born and he is the joy of my life. He is a small smiling angel and all this just possible because of the care I received there.

Easter lucky mum, 08 Мая

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