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Whom can egg donation help

Whom can egg donation

Indications for fertilization by donor eggs

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The development of various programs of assisted reproductive technology has helped many women to have that long-awaited child. One of them is the IVF program with the use of donor eggs, which is widely used for treating certain types of infertility and averaging 10% among other assisted reproductive technologies.

An egg donor may be required in the following cases:

  • Lack of one’s own eggs because of:
    • The beginning of natural menopause (usually happens after 45 years) or the syndrome of premature ovarian depletion;
    • Lack of ovarian sensitivity to stimulation (resistant ovarian syndrome) or contraindications to their stimulation;
    • Abnormalities of development in the form of gonadal dysgenesis (chromosomal abnormality of the development of the sexual glands), Shereshevsky-Turner syndrome (sexual infantilism with abnormalities of physical development) or other;
    • Surgical excision of ovaries (ovariectomy);
    • Chemotherapeutic or radiological treatment.
  • Inferiority of the ovaries in a functionality wise: the possibility of transferring genetic diseases to the child, some of which are: Down's disease, sex-linked ichthyosis, cystic fibrosis, hemophilia, certain types of myopathy, etc.
  • Unsuccessful repeated attempts at conducting IVF with one’s own egg cells in the past. This may be associated with an insufficient response of the ovaries to the superovulation induction , as well as high doses of follicle-stimulating hormone, repeated obtaining of low quality embryos, the transfer of which into the uterine cavity did not lead to pregnancy.

Egg donation can not be performed more often than 5 times a year, and during a lifetime, one can become a donor only up to 15 times.

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Egg donor requirements

An independent search for a candidate involves certain difficulties. It is simpler and easier to seek help from specialists, who will take care of selecting the appropriate option. Potential donors of oocytes undergo rigorous control. Not every woman is able to become an egg donor: the demands placed on appearance and health of egg donors are very high (by Order of the Ministry of Health No. 107n)

The screening program includes

The screening program includes

Must be aged from 18 to 35 years old.
Healthy mentally and physically.
Must have one’s own healthy child.
Proper physique and facial features.
Visit to a reproductologist.
Visit to a therapist.
Visit to a psychotherapist.
Visit to a narcology expert.
General clinical examinations.
HIV tests, syphilis, hepatitis, cytomegalovirus, herpes.
Analyzes for infectious diseases.
Genetic examination.

IVF programs with donor eggs

Apart from being able to choose a donor from the clinic's database or from any number of relatives and friends, it is possible to use egg cells from the clinic’s cryobank. The course of the procedure will depend on which program the pair chooses.

There are several choices of IVF programs using donated eggs:

Without the use of cryopreservation methods, these are the so-called "fresh" programs with donor oocytes.The "fresh" DOs program consists of several stages:
  • Synchronization of the menstrual cycle of the donor and the recipient;
  • Ovulation stimulation of the donor;
  • Preparation of the endometrium of the uterus of the recipient for the implantation of the donor’s fertilized egg;
  • Puncture of the donor's ovaries, the reception of egg cells and their fertilization;
  • Transfer of the embryos into the uterine cavity of the recipient.
IVF with vitrified donor oocytes.

In this case, all stages of in vitro fertilization take place in a schedule that is optimal for both future parents. Convenience of using the cryobank is, that the patient does not need to pass the synchronization of the menstrual cycle with the donor and the carrying out of the embryo transfer can be planned at a time convenient for the couple.

“ The effectiveness of treatment with the use of donor eggs reaches 75%.”


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