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16 November

Non-anonymous egg donation: start of the program

NGC Cryobank of eggs, embryos and sperm has announced the start of non-anonymous egg donation.

Until now we have used biomaterial of only anonymous donors in our egg donation programs. We have full information about them, including all personal data. Nevertheless, conditions of donors’ participation have been based on sighed non-disclosure agreement for passport data and place of residence.

Future parents have been provided with extended profiles of donors with 70 characteristics, including biometric data, medical information as well as information about education and occupation, interests, hobbies, relatives and children, voice recording, handwriting and childhood photos.

 However, in spite of this, our foreign partners are interested in the known donation. This is explained by the legislation of many countries and the position of European patients. Unlike Russian families, which prefer to conceal the fact of donation, patients from European countries are used to openly discuss this issue upon reaching their child 18 years of age. Personal data of an egg donor can be disclosed for a young person and, if she or he wants, even meet her.

First non-anonymous donor

First non-anonymous donorOur team has conducted a survey among those who wish to give happiness of motherhood to other couples. In the photo you see the first girl, which has agreed to participate in the program “known egg donation”. In our database she is registered under the ID 1693. We thank her for her courage and for the important role she will play in the lives of couples!



Here are some important things about non-anonymous and anonymous donors you should remember:

  • You have to remember that your future children have the right to find out how they were conceived.
  • Remember there might be a situation where the donor’s blood is needed for the child in case of some accident or emergency. So it is a very good idea to establish some kind of relationship with the donor so she could help in such situations. The best case scenario is to choose a donor with the same blood type as yours. This way you avoid problems in the future.
  • Keep in mind that not telling the child of their origins could cause you problems in the future. The child could find out themselves when they turn 18 or they might be informed by someone else.

Deciding on a non-anonymous or anonymous donor is all up to you. Think about what is important for you and most important what would be the best option for your future child.

NGC Cryobank

Ten years of working experience with donors has led to the formation of an expansive bank of frozen donor oocytes and embryos. Nowadays, we have more than 300 egg donors, 1500 frozen eggs and 200 embryos.

NGC Cryobank

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