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Everything you wanted to know about REPRODUCTION METHODS

Medical and genetic counseling


In the XXI century research becomes the basis for the diagnosis of many diseases. A person may apply for medico-genetic counseling at any age, but in certain cases, consultation of a geneticist is absolutely essential.

In which cases should you consult a genetics doctor:

  • preparation for pregnancy both spouses;
  • genetic research before IVF, female infertility and miscarriage, male infertility;
  • research of fetal material in miscarriage;
  • assessment of the genetic status of the donors in the IVF program ;
  • assessment of monogenic disease risk in generations for each family;
  • selection of vitamins during preparation for pregnancy for both spouses based on genetic testing;
  • blood-related marriages;
  • intake of medications and other effects during pregnancy - the risk to the fetus;
  • non-invasive prenatal tests;
  • DNA screening of the fetus through the mother's blood;
  • paternity during pregnancy;
  • kinship establishment (paternity, maternity and through a generation);
  • genetics - for wellbeing of anyone(risk of osteoporosis, oncology , cardiovascular diseases).

Who medico-genetic counseling is meant for?

Medico-Genetic counseling for WOMEN

Below is a list of research and diagnostics, which geneticists recommend for women of various groups and categories.

In case of suspicions or irregularities of the reproductive system:

  • Analysis of karyotype (chromosome analysis)
  • Molecular genetic diagnosis of the factors leading to female infertility and complications that arise during pregnancy occurs
  • Evaluation of the phenotype
  • Diagnosis of syndromic pathology
  • Genetic analysis of CAH (congenital adrenal hyperplasia)
  • Study the genetic causes of amenorrhea and menstrual disorders

When planning a pregnancy:

  • Analysis of karyotype (chromosome analysis)
  • Genealogical analysis
  • Evaluation of the phenotype
  • Molecular genetic analysis of genes that contribute to nurturing pregnancy
  • Genes of folic acid exchange, individual selection of folic acid based on genetic research
  • Research on predisposition to develop cells with a non-standard number of chromosomes
  • Genetic test for the Rhesus factor (asessment of risk of Rhesus-conflict)
  • Identification of carriership, that can lead to severe hereditary diseases

When planning a pregnancy:

  • Thrombophilia Genes
  • Genes that contribute to miscarriage
  • Genetics of toxicosis/tests
  • Screening reasearch of the fetus
  • Prenatal non-invasive DNA screening

For healthy women (preventive molecular genetic study):

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Lung cancer
  • Breast cancer and cancer of the ovaries
  • Intake of oral contraceptives
  • Alcoholism
  • Drug addiction

Remember that if you had relatives in the family, with the same pathologies, it is strictly recommended to conduct a check-up. Also do not forget that you are at risk in the event of improperly conducted lifestyle (excessive alcohol consumption, drug use, significant stress load). Take care of your future! Analysis is used in the cases of the establishment of kinship, in criminology, in professions/sports-which may cause a risk to life.

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