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How to choose the best IVF clinic or center?


How to choose the best IVF clinic or center?

New and the best IVF center in St. Petersburg Clinic Reproduction and Genetics NEXT GENERATION CLINIC, opened in St. Petersburg at the end of 2014, by the world-renowned gynecologist reproductologist Kornilov Nikolay Valerievich and his team of obstetricians, gynecologists, reproductologysts, urologists, and embryologists.

The best IVF clinic in the world is located in the historic architect Trezzini building in the center of St. Petersburg, on the banks of Neva river. During the planning of the clinic all the peculiarities and norms of the Russian legislation have been taken into account, because the project had to pass the state examination for compliance with the requirements of the in vitro clinics. In addition, the founders of the clinic were trained on the organization and management of in vitro fertilization clinics in the top abroad clinics of Europe and world. IVF center located in a separate building, which helped create a climate with a combined extract and input ventilation system, that ensures the air supply into clean areas separate from the other premises of the building. A UPS battery provides uninterrupted power supply to the systems of the building, even in case of power failure in the entire city.

Services and prices

IVF fertility center has a modern fleet of high-tech equipment that is its own, so we can make a comprehensive diagnosis as well as treatment of all forms of male and female infertility diagnosis and pre-implantation diagnosis of the embryo without the involvement of other health care organizations. All the offices of the doctors are equipped with ultrasound scanners of BK-Medical company; examination of the patient is carried out in a cozy insulated zone. The Embryological laboratories of the Reproduction and baby IVF center are equipped with multiple laminar boxes made by European manufacturers to create a clean work area to work with sexual gametes, innovative multi-gas incubators, which create similar conditions to the environment inside of a woman's body, stereo and an inverted microscopes built into the laminars, and two ICSI manipulators for ICSI procedures, laser hatching and biopsies. Next Generation Clinic is one of two IVF baby center in St. Petersburg with a unique equipment for researching of the embryos by PGD/PGS by Next Generation Sequencing. This research helps carry out highly accurate diagnosis of the embryo for all 23 chromosomes to identify the embryos the transfer of which could cause them to stop developing or the birth of children with developmental disabilities, and to find those embryos that are completely deprived of all chromosome abnormalities.

In St. Petersburg today there are about 23 medical IVF centers. Our clinic invites reproductologists from other centers to work with us on programs for treating infertility of patients using vitrified oocytes from the Cryobank. Our couriers deliver free vitrified eggs to any clinic in the world and are ready to take them to any hospital in the world by special transport Dewar vessel, which keep a low temperature of the liquid nitrogen up to several days. The NGC clinic’s donor database was being created for 10 years and includes more than 3,500 egg donors. Every patient of the clinic can choose the donor through the electronic database on our website according to their phenotypic characteristics and preferences.

Departments in IVF center

  1. Department of Reproductive Medicine led by department head Kornilov Nikolay Valerievich
    • Diagnosis of the causes of infertility
    • Treatment of all forms of female infertility by:
      • AI (artificial insemination)
      • IVF (In vitro fertilization)
      • Delayed motherhood
      • Oocyte (egg) banking
      • embryo-banking
      • IVF With donor oocytes
      • IVF Using surrogacy
  2. Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, led by department head Nenashkina Elvira Nikolaevna
    • Diagnosis of all forms of infertility
    • The treatment of female infertility through conservative methods
    • Pregnancy Monitoring
  3. Department of  andrology, andrology laboratory
    • Diagnosis of male infertility, all kinds spermiogram
    • The treatment of male infertility
    • Aspiration biopsy of the testicle
  4. Embryological laboratory (IVF lab) headed by head of the laboratory, Konstantin Godunov
    • Fertilization and cultivation of embryos
    • ICSI
    • Auxiliary hatching
    • Cryo-storage and cryopreservation
    • Biopsy of the trophectoderm
  5. Laboratory of Genetics, headed by Laboratory Head Vyatkina Svetlana Vyacheslavovna
    • Karyotyping
    • Microdeletion analysis of the AZF locus
    • Study of embryos by NGS
  6. Pharmacy of the clinic headed by Head of the pharmacy Bakhtina Anna Alekseevna
    • Sale of pharmaceutical drugs used in the treatment of patients by the methods of assisted reproduction
    • Sale of broad-spectrum drugs

IVF fertility clinic is designed for routine care of about 2,000 IVF procedures per year. The clinic has established the most convenient and comfortable conditions for patients on the territory of the Centre. Every patient after the procedure lies in the isolation ward, all the areas in the clinic are equipped with systems of ventilation and WF. Our reproductive health center of planning works seven days a week, including weekends and holidays. The phone number and the e-mail address of the doctor, by which in the case of extraordinary circumstances, it is possible to contact the medical clinic staff even at night are written in the patient’s personal cards that are issued for a specific procedure.

The doctor prepares a foreign patient treatment plan and oversees it from the beginning of treatment up to 9 weeks of pregnancy.

All of the clinic’s staff is motivated to achieve a positive outcome in the treatment of the patient’s infertility.

Services and prices

Difference IVF private clinic and other medical abroad centers

  1. A particular specialization of its activities. The services provided by such clinics, usually are associated with the patient's infertility treatments ranging from establishing the causes of infertility, including a comprehensive diagnosis, to using the most sophisticated treatments, including IVF, ICSI, PGD embryos and a wide variety of programs, also the inclusion of donor programs and programs with the services of a surrogate mother.
    This way, the NEXT GENERATION CLINIC specializes in complex cases of helping patients overcome infertility by using 12 different types of IVF programs, recommending their patients a selective embryo transfer, having done preimplantation diagnosis with the most modern methods available to date in the world of science.
  2. The presence of high-tech equipment. For the organization of an embryology laboratory in an IVF abroad clinic it is required to have laminar flow cabinets, creation of a flow of fresh air, a few high-precision microscopes, several flatbed incubators, laser installation with ICSI-manipulators for hatching and biopsies as well as cryogenic equipment for the creation of a Cryobank. Other than that, the space in the building which is similar to the baby IVF center, must be equipped with a special ventilation system with HEPA-filters and have a special power supply system with a powerful uninterruptible power supply. In order to provide the genetic laboratory, it is required to have a new generation sequencer for processing of data and a large set of auxiliary equipment for amplifying the samples, etc. As can be seen from the information written above, the fertility centers differ from other medical centers primarily by the presence of a strong material and technical base. The modern equipment of the private IVF clinic - is a guarantee of its success.
  3. The presence of highly skilled professional specialists which is extremely rare nowadays. This is primarily doctors of reproduction. To become a reproductologist one must obtain a degree in obstetrics and gynecology, have certificates in the field of endocrine gynecology and then be trained in special courses organized in major cities of Russia in this profession. But the most precious experience in the Clinic of Reproductive Medicine is getting to work in a team with more experienced doctors. Embryologists today are prepared in several major universities in the country, this way in St. Petersburg three annual University graduate specialists can start working on this profession. But in this field the knowledge of new methods of working with cells, sperm and embryos can only be obtained in the course of working at a clinic every day. Geneticists of a Laboratory, which know the preimplantation diagnosis protocol on microchips and have mastered the techniques, the sequencing of embryos are all very rare in Russia. A unique selection of personnel for the reproductive health center is what allows to start this complex work to overcome the infertility of a couple.

Important parameters to choose reproductive health center

  • Experienced doctors of Reproduction
  • Presence of modern high-tech equipment
  • The spectrum of offered services
  • Percentage of IVF success
  • Low cost IVF

20% of patients of the clinic of Reproduction and Genetics NGC-are foreign patients from Sweden, Finland, Germany, Holland, England and other European countries, as well as the US, Africa, China, India. A big donor database, a presence of a genetics center and loyalty of the Russian legislation to programs of donation and surrogacy makes NGC clinic a place to achieve a result for many foreign patients.

In addition, the level of prices pleasantly surprises the foreign patients and partners. Our IVF center can keep such low prices for services because the founder SPARTA (Saint-Petersburg Reproduction Agency) company is the largest agency for donor and surrogacy programs and we do not have a separate margin for agency services.

Success rates in IVF

IVF success rates in the NGC clinic in programs using donor eggs is 60-65%, taking into account the offensive clinical pregnancy from the first attempt at IVF, surrogacy programs-65% on the first attempt of transferring embryo using donor eggs.

When coming to the medical center that specializes in assisted reproduction, you have to understand that even this unique method is not a 100% probability of success on the first attempt of the procedure, and you must work together with your doctor, trusting him, go through this path of treating infertility, clearly respecting all the instructions and regulations and always believing that the child will come!

Services and prices

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