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Options for single women

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Are you a single woman? Want to learn more about ways you can become a mother?

Where to start? NGC Clinic thanks you for your choice and will be assisting you at all stages - from the initial consultation with a consultant, through to the ninth week of pregnancy with a healthy baby.

The first step on your way to success is to contact one of our experienced and supportive medical coordinators. The NGC is very proud that our coordinators are fluent in several languages, including Chinese. At your first contact with the clinic you will be provided a personal medical coordinator that fits the preferences and will remain with you throughout your treatment.

Your experienced, personal coordinator will talk you through your options of your treatment and will help you to get all the information you need to help you make an informed decision about the next step. They will be on hand at any time to support you with all the aspects you need, including travel arrangements . You will also be asked to let us know when you would like to visit us and have your treatment in St. Petersburg so that we can develop a personal program that is close to your needs and preferred time of travel.

Donor sperm in NGC clinic

As a single woman, you already know that for a pregnancy you will need an IVF program with the use of donor sperm. Here at NGC, we can offer you a donor from our own database of sperm donors. Our database of sperm donors allows you to see a donor profile which includes information such as age, blood type, height, weight, eye and hair colour. On our site we have implemented convenient features that allow you to select a sperm donor online, without leaving home!

Also your medical coordinator can, using pictures that you can provide, personally choose a sperm donor for you and send you his photos.

If you would like to choose a sperm donor from another bank, we can recommend the largest Cryobank of sperm donors in the world, the European sperm bank (Cryos). We have been cooperating with this organization for a long time and are willing to help you with the selection and transport of the sperm to our clinic.

If you would like to learn more about the different options of sperm donors and how we can use the information to meet your own personal needs, please contact us for a free, non-binding telephone consultation.

How does the initial consultation happen?

Our ultimate goal is the birth of a healthy baby as soon as possible. To make all this happen, we need to understand your detailed medical history and personal needs. We would like to find out this information through an initial consultation with a medical co-ordinator. An initial consultation is also important to diagnose any underlying problems that could possibly reduce your chances of success. Our main goal is to help you solve any issues effectively so that you can move on to a successful program of treatment as soon as possible.

The initial consultation could be arranged either by Skype or by phone, or you can book an appointment with our consultant at the clinic to discuss a treatment plan in person.

Usually, patients prefer Skype/phone option and it’s just as effective and successful as a personal consultation in St. Petersburg.

At this stage, it would be ideal if you can have medical history and laboratory tests (if necessary) on hand so we can provide the most effective and successful treatment plan. Please email us your existing medical records and test results.

You can discuss your own individual and personal needs to ensure we offer you the most convenient, stress free treatment that keeps them as a priority.

We also need a local doctor's help so that they can carry out an observation and laboratory tests in order to give us a complete picture. You may wish to use your own doctor. If your doctor is not willing to support you through this process, we are more than happy to arrange contact with one of our local colleagues.

International UNIT

Lobzeva Diana

Lobzeva Diana

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Kornilov Nikolay

Medical director

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Vlada Bolonina

International Patient Coordinator

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Latkova Ksenia

Fertility nurse

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IUI with donor sperm

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Frozen embryo donation

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Fresh embryo donation

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Own egg IVF and PGS for 2 embryos

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