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Nowadays egg donation is the most common addition to IVF technique. In the whole world and in Russia these IVF programs have become widespread because of environmental deterioration as well as shifting of the parental age scope and changing public opinion.

Women who have to apply egg donation process have different reasons not to use their own oocytes (age, illnesses, genetic factors) but can carry a child (children). In the Saint-Petersburg, Russia several years ago the biggest donation banks was created with frozen eggs and a huge catalogue available for a patient or a couple to find a suitable donor. Below we listed FAQ about egg donation.

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Egg donation guide

Egg donation guide

Whom can egg donation help?

Lack of own eggs due to:
  • The onset of natural menopause (usually after 45 years)
  • Lack of ovarian sensitivity to stimulation (resistant ovarian syndrome) or contraindications to their stimulation;
  • Chromosomal abnormality of the development of the sexual glands), Shereshevsky-Turner syndrome
  • Surgical removal of ovaries (ovariectomy);
  • Chemotherapeutic or radiological treatment.
The possibility of transferring to the child genetic diseases
Unsuccessful in the past, repeated attempts to carry out IVF with his own egg.

How egg donors are screened?

General requirements

  • Age – 18-32 years old
  • Demands on proper height-weight parameters of female egg donors, their education and attractiveness as we want our patients to have clever and beautiful kids.
  • Donor's genetic passport (carrier screening for inherited desiases).


Medical observations

  • consultation of fertility specialist
  • therapist and psychiatrist examination
  • karyotype analyses,
  • blood for HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B,C
  • microscopic test of vaginal smear, smear for infections of sexual transmission – chlamydia, mycoplasma, ureplasma
  • molecule-biological examination for cytomegalovirus and virus of herpes simplex 1,2
  • clinical blood analysis, coagulogram
  • urinalysis
  • Papanicolaou smear
  • fluorography
  • electrocardiogram

What is egg donation process?

The program begins with a visit to the reprodutologist, who is to establish the necessity of using a donor and offer a solution.
Selection of the donor from the clinic's bank in accordance with the phenotypic features of the recipient, blood group, Rh-affiliation, race or nationality belonging.
Preparation of the endometrium in woman recepient in a native or stimulated program. It is carried out using hormonal drugs recommended by the attending doctor.
Fertilization of the donor eggs with the sperm of the recipient's spouse.
Transfer of embryos to the genetic mother and vitrification of the remaining embryos.

What is egg donation treatment?

How is the best embryo chosen?

Healthy embryos can be choosen during IVF/ICSI procedures by PGD or PGS technique.

It is carried out in order to identify viable embryos without genetic abnormalities. Advantages of PGD for families with infertility - increases the chance of a successful pregnancy.

How to create a sibling?

In one cycle of egg donation can be created more embryos than necessary to create a single pregnancy. These additional embryos belong to the recipient oocyte IVF cycle, and they can be frozen and stored, ready for further attempts.

If the first embryo transfer did not lead to continued pregnancy, the remaining frozen-thawed embryos can be used for further attempts without the need for a new cycle of egg donation. If the child was born, and the stock remains some of the embryos, they can be used to create a brother or sister for their first child.

Legislation about donating eggs in Russia

Donor programs are not permitted throughout the whole world: in many European countries it is forbidden. Russia acts as a progressive state, which gives women the opportunity to be a mother, even if for medical or social reasons.

The law gives the parents the right to choose the donor, or use an anonymous donor bank. The clinic does not provide information about the donor to the patient, except for the information from the bank of donors related to phenotype, habits and hobbies, voice recording, intelligence tests (essays on a given topic).

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Lobzeva Diana

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