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Double donor cycle using non-anonymous donor eggs

I had a very positive experience at Next Generation Clinic with a double donor cycle using non-anonymous donor eggs from the NGC cryobank and ID release sperm imported to the clinic from Cryos.

The cycle with 12 donor eggs resulted in the transfer of 1 good quality blastocyst and another 7 cryopreserved - an excellent result, which is, of course, partly luck, and partly the skill of the embryologist, but also due to the fact that the donors are ‘proven’ in the sense that they are already mothers rather than ‘egg-sharers’ undergoing IVF treatment themselves or one-off altruistic donors, and I believe this is what distinguishes the excellent cycle I had at NGC from the disastrous one I had in the UK.

I chose the clinic because it offers a non-anonymous egg donor program. I received childhood and adulthood photographs of my donor along with biometric information and a questionnaire giving some indication of her interests and personality. This was important for me, and I felt much happier starting the cycle with a sense of who the donor is.

In terms of the process, I was able to have all the necessary tests done at the clinic in the same visit as the embryo transfer. This was much more efficient and cost effective than organizing the same tests in the UK prior to travel, and it was organised in one email exchange - it couldn’t have been easier. The clinic organised the delivery from Cryos on my behalf and kept me updated when it arrived. The consultations and the day of the transfer went like clockwork.

Communication with the clinic was very smooth and efficient. Vlada, who manages the international patients, speaks excellent English, and answered my many questions patiently and clearly. She sent me all the information I needed for the visa application (which is fast and efficient from the UK), organised my transport to and from the airport, and generally made everything very easy. I really felt that I was in good hands.

Dr Diana also speaks excellent English and explained everything clearly. She was very warm and friendly, and I was glad to have her as my doctor. I felt the consultation was thorough, and I had complete confidence in her.

In fact, all the staff I met at the clinic were welcoming and helpful. I felt very comfortable and relaxed there, and there was a positive atmosphere each time I visited.

Apart from that, St Petersburg is beautiful! I was originally aiming to come for the 1-day embryo transfer option but was very glad that I ended up staying for 5 days in order to have the tests done at the clinic.

I don’t yet know the outcome my of my treatment but regardless of the final result, I had a very good experience at the clinic and highly recommend it.

AF, 08 May

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