The clinic provides full range of ART services: fertility treatment for
couples and single by IVF/ICSI, IUI, egg and embryo donation, surrogacy.
Main advantages: PGS by Next Generation Screening (NGS) and large online
database of egg and sperm donors, test for 21 inherited diseases (NextGen 21).


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Everything you wanted to know about REPRODUCTION METHODS

Donorship of sperm, eggs, embryos

Donorship of sperm, eggs, embryos

In NGC dreams come true

Premium egg donors Choose online from databese

Donor oocytes (ova), sperm and embryos are widely used in the world and domestic practice and throughout the world for treatment of infertility. Donor programs are one of the important areas of specialization for "Next Generation Clinic". Ten years of working experience with donors has led to the formation of an expansive base of sperm donors and frozen oocytes bank. The clinic possesses special Dewar’s vessels, safe for transportation of biological material, which allows for delivery of vitrified oocytes to any location.

Currently we use both fresh and vitrified oocytes in our programs. The advantage is that every patient is guaranteed a certain number of oocytes on the day of puncture, which assures success in the event of illness or donor withdraw from stimulation, as well as cases when oocytes extraction fails.

Donor programs

NGC offers the following programs for treatment of infertility:

  • Fresh and frozen egg donation;
  • Embryo donaion;
  • Sperm donation.

Our Advantages

  • PGS by Next Generation Sequencing Method on MiSeq Illumina Sequencer
  • Screening for 35 hereditary diseases – carrier screening
  • Egg donors – women under the age of 35 years old with own childrens
  • Unique Premium Egg Donor Base – search up to 30 different characteristics, including photos, voice recording, motivation letter
  • Low prices for clinics
  • More than 1000 frozen eggs and 300 fresh donors.

Premium Egg Donor base with description of donor’s passport up to 30 characteristics:

  • Main biometrics information
  • Medical information
  • Education and occupation
  • Personal information, including motivation letter
  • Photo album
  • Voice recording

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