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Donor's eggs for ivf

Donor's eggs for ivf

Donor's eggs for ivf

Options for egg donation

In IVF program ovum derived from one female's (donor) stimulation is transmitted to treat other women recipients. In Russia, egg donation is legal and is becoming more common.

  1. Oocyte donation with the preparation of fresh donor and egg harvesting for following IVF
  2. Donation with the use of vitrified eggs from cryobank

The second option has become more common in recent years due to its affordability and convenience for patients, as well as in cost for egg donation IVF. The clinic at their own expense examines the donor prepares her, provides the drugs for hormonal stimulation, stimulates her, does punctures and vitrification. Vitrification -is an ultra-fast freezing process of the oocytes during which ice crystals that can damage the egg at its defrosting do not form.

The technique was introduced a few years ago by a Japanese Professor Kuwayama and has become a breakthrough in this area, as it brought losses during defrosting of biomaterial to a minimum.

The convenience is that defrosting sexual gametal cells takes only a few minutes and can be done at any time.

The recipient doesn't have to wait for the donor and when using vitrified oocytes she receives a certain amount of them, unlike the native cycle when the result of the stimulation can't be predicted in advance.

Prices for eggdonation

IVF procedure step-by-step with egg donor

  1. The program begins with a visit to the reprodutologist, who is to establish the necessity of using a donor and offer a solution.
  2. Selection of the donor from the clinic's bank in accordance  with the phenotypic features of the recipient, blood group, Rh-affiliation, race or nationality belonging.
  3. Preparation of the endometrium in woman recepient in a native or stimulated program. It is carried out using hormonal drugs recommended by the attending doctor.
  4. Fertilization of the donor eggs with the sperm of the recipient's spouse.
  5. Transfer of embryos to the genetic mother and vitrification of the remaining embryos.

Prices for IVF treatment with donor eggs?

  1. The donation of oocytes with the provision of 12 fresh or vitrified donor eggs.

Special offer price - 190,000 rubles. In this case the patient is not stimulated independently, the doctor follows the growth of her endometrium, assigning the appropriate therapy and preparing the patient for the transfer of embryos which are obtained as a result of fertilization of 12 donor eggs by the sperm of the recipient's spouse. After the transfer the remaining embryos can be vitrified at the request of patients and stored in the bank.

  1. IVF in natural cycle with the provision of 8/12 eggs from donor.

In this case the patient prepares for the puncture on her own and to increase the chances of success, her egg is fertilized at the same time as the 8 or 12 donor oocytes by the sperm of the recipient's spouse. Price with the embryo transfer: 152600 - 228600 rubles, respectively.

  1. Basic IVF with the provision of 8 donations eggs for a reduced price.

In this case superovulation stimulation of the patient is carried out and the donor oocytes are provided by the clinic at a reduced price in order to increase her chances of success. Usually oocyte donation is used by patients who haven't obtained a result after previous self-stimulation programs. When creating the egg donation program, we wanted to try to create low cost options, in which the patient would receive the required number of embryos for transfer. That is the reason for this kind of selection of the required number of ova donation in the programs. When using less than six donor oocytes as experience has shown, there are cases when semen indicators are not very good the embryos didn't grow to even 5 days.

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Benefits of IVF donations in NGC

Since our clinic has an extensive bank of sexual gamet cells, patients from all over Russia and European countries come to us in search of oocyte donors. They often compare the price of the preparation of an anonymous donor in an IVF program or defrosting vitrified oocytes. Let’s compare:

Preparing fresh donor oocytes costs (assuming the price of IVF 118,000 rubles. So, in the range of services for the preparation of donor of eggs will cost 305,000 rubles including the cost of IVF + ICSI.

The program in another clinic considering the purchase of donor oocytes from us at price-list value of 19,000 rubles/oocyte.

In total, as a result of a simple calculation we have the price of the donation program 254 800 rubles. The advantage of this program is also - in the speed of preparing the procedures and the absence of dependance on the interests and physical opportunities of the oocyte donor. Any patient of our clinic can refer to the managers of our bank with a request to select donor oocytes and calculate the price of delivery of donor's oocyte to any region. The donor oocytes are vitrified in cryotopes 4 pieces and can be stored as long as you want.

Delivery is carried out in a special transport Dewar vessel, which allows to maintain the temperature of liquid nitrogen for up to three days. Many times, we were able to help out our patient with our vitrified oocytes when fertilization did not take place after a puncture - we quickly brought the oocytes and the patient did not lose time and money spent on their own stimulation. A large number of donor programs, the best prices on the oocyte donor services, a large cryobank at the clinic, make it possible to carry out the selection and conduct the program for all of our patients and patients from other clinics.

eggs for ivf

In vitro fertilization

The NGC most common method of in vitro fertilization (IVF) is ICSI - technology that provides a high probability of success.

Today, in most cases, in vitro fertilization procedure includes in itself the transfer of the embryo,obtained as a result of fertilization and stimulation vitro in labs , and re-transfer with the use of cryopreserved embryos.

IVF with one's own egg cells

The egg cell - a complex and amazing structure, very delicate and susceptible to time exposure.

Eggs naturally lose their reproductive ability. it's an irreversible process which usually gets worse after 35 years. With artificial insemination, excluding very rare cases, the quality of semen is less important than the woman's age.

This graph shows the results of a transfer of fresh embryos followed by a transfer of cryopreserved embryos, since it is the most common course of the procedure.

IVF with donor egg cells

NGC clinic specialists do their best to use the patient's own egg cells. However, if this is not possible, or is strongly discouraged, we have to resort to the help of other women. The use of donor egg cells has already stuck in the practice of artificial insemination and is becoming a more and more commont method with every year. NGC Clinic is one of the leaders of Europe to work with donor eggs.

With artificial insemination, except in very rare cases, the quality of sperm is less important than the woman's age.

When using donor egg cells the probability of success of the procedure stays unchanged, as the female donor is always younger than 36 years. According to the Spanish legislation in Spain a woman can be an egg donor if between 18 and 35 years old.

We would like to emphasize that the NGC experts believe that if for separate patient there is the slightest chance of successfully getting pregnant, she has a right to know about it and make a decision on her own. In other words, our data are not limited to the results of patients with the best prognosis. This has had a negative impact on our statistics performance, but it has made hundreds of women happy mothers and that is when in other centers they were given no hope.

Multiple pregnancy

Multiple pregnancy can provoke allergic reactions. From a medical point of view, this kind of pregnancy is not recommended. Because of this Russian law limits the maximum number of embryos subjected to transfer at one time to 2.

How is the probability of a successful pregnancy calculated?

This data is based on data analysis on the content of beta-HCG hormone, carried out 14 days after embryo transfer. This is the first indicator pregnancy.

This is the best reflection of the results of the procedure, but from that moment on pregnancy develops on its own course, just as during natural fertilization.

General information about the chances of success after the "classical" artificial fertilization.

Success rate of ivf with donor eggs

The chances of success with IVF / ICSI / IMSI require individual assessment. Taking into account all patients receiving normal hormonal balance and sperm normal quality, which are being treated in centers of artificial fertilization with the use of conventional culture techniques (d2 or d3 after selection of oocytes), the chances for success in IVF with donor egg fare around rate 65% on the selected egg cell.

Nowadays PGD/PGS by NGS method significantly increases clinical pregnancy rate up to 75% due to selection the best embryo.

When using donor egg cells after three attempts fertilization cumulative probability of successful pregnancy rate in IVF program is 94%.

The results obtained can be completely different, taking into account specific criteria (for women age, hormone disorders, endometriosis, medical indications during treatment and prolonged culture to blastocyte phase, etc.). Women under 35 years old with a good response to stimulation of the uterus(Who have more than 10 egg cells in the selection), and embryos for transplants at the blastocyte stage have the better chances of a successful pregnancy (up to 80% of these cases can have a positive pregnancy test).

With the ageing of women the situation gets complicated. After 40 years - despite optimal preparation and good response to stimulation of the uterus - the chances for pregnancy are reduced. From the age of 44 years and above pregnancy rate drops to 5% and less!

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