The clinic provides full range of ART services: fertility treatment for
couples and single by IVF/ICSI, IUI, egg and embryo donation, surrogacy.
Main advantages: PGS by Next Generation Screening (NGS) and large online
database of egg and sperm donors, test for 21 inherited diseases (NextGen 21).


13th line of Vasilevsky Island, bld. 10 А
Vasileostrovskaya station


HIGH LEVEL SPECIALISTS with a long-term experience of a medical practice
Krechmar Marina
Head of the Department of Clinical Genetics, physician-geneticist

Member of the Russian Society of Medical Genetics

Member of the European Society of Human Genetics (ESHG) and the International Society for prenatal diagnosis (ISPD)

The international expert on the clinical application of non-invasive prenatal testing

The coordinator of the Baltic School of healthy fetus


Author of several dozen scientific articles
and chapters in monographs on medical genetics
in prenatal diagnosis and reproductive medicine.

Professional interests:

  • Reproductive genetics and reproductive genetic counseling;
  • Prenatal diagnosis and prenatal genetic counseling;
  • Non-invasive prenatal diagnosis;
  • Application of sequencing DNA and other new technologies in clinical practice;
  • Development of individual programs of genetic testing.


  • Tomsk Medical Institute, Medical and Biological Faculty Fellowship in the specialty "Genetics";
  • Specialization in Clinical Genetics - Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Studies (MAPS), Moscow.


  • Increasing the qualification cycle for "Genetics" Siberian Medical University, Tomsk;
  • Increasing the qualification cycle for "Genetics" Medical Academy of Postgraduate Studies (MAPS), St. Petersburg;
  • Training to work on complex «Genetiscan A / B Workstation», USA, Houston;
  • Training on the program "Reproductive health", the United States, Anchorage (1996);
  • Training on the program "Organization of medical and social assistance to children and their families", the United States, Seattle;
  • Training course «Changing Landscape of Genetic testing and its impact on clinical and laboratory services and research in Europe», Sweden;
  • Professional Development Seminar in "Genetics", the Netherlands, Amsterdam.


  • Researcher, Laboratory of Human Genetics of the Academy of Sciences Far East Branch IBPN;
  • physician-geneticist, zav.oblastnym Cabinet of Medical Genetics;
  • physician-geneticist Laboratory prenatal diagnosis of hypertension SRI them. Ott;
  • physician-geneticist Diagnostic Medical Genetics Center;
  • Head of the North-West of prenatal center;

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