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Advantages of using frozen donor eggs

Advantages of using frozen donor eggs

Vitrified donor egg cells from the Cryobank are immediately available; no need to wait,it is not necessary to wait to have your cycles coincide with the donor’s. With the help of traditional fresh donor egg cycle, there is a certain degree of uncertainty in the egg donor program. Will the egg donor carefully observe the doctor's prescription? Will she carry out her treatment?What if a sudden event in her life makes her cancel her shot at the eleventh hour? All these scenarios are unlikely, but they illustrate the most significant difference between fresh and frozen donor egg: Frozen donor eggs were already obtained from a donor and are ready to use.And there is no secret about how many egg cells will be obtained.

The convenience of frozen eggs

After you have selected the egg donor,you need to determine when to start the treatment. Unlike the traditional fresh donor egg program, which includes the necessary synchronization stage of the donor’s egg cell and the recipient’s menstrual cycle, using egg cells, which have already been extracted and cryopreserved (frozen) is a much more simple process. A simplified treatment plan allows you to schedule your IVF treatment in accordance with your schedule, without having to take into account the menstrual cycle of another woman or her work / leisure / school / life schedule. Most patients find this aspect of frozen donor eggs particularly attractive because it gives them more control over their treatment.

Services and prices

Availability of frozen donor eggs

The use of frozen donor eggs is a better priced option for the recipients, it is considered much more affordable than the cost of a traditional fresh donor egg program. Please refer to our egg donor pricing information.

Efficiency of frozen donor eggs

Research shows that the success rate during the use of frozen donor eggs israpidly approaching and almost is the same as using a fresh donor egg.

Fully examined, top quality egg donors

Our egg donors are of the highest standards and undergo an intensive screening and testing process, to provide you with the highest quality egg donors available anywhere. Less than 10% of the applicants are accepted into the donor egg program of our eggbank. You can be sure that you are getting egg cells from only the most worthy and healthy in genetic terms candidates.

Our team of reproductive endocrinologists, geneticists and genetic counselors reviews individual and family health history of each donor, medical examinations , as well as other background information for each egg donor so as to make sure they meet our high electoral standards. In addition to the physical exam, the candidates also undergo a psychological examination in order to assess the suitability of their mental health, their commitment to the program and determine if they are in general a good candidate. Each applicant receives the information that they participate in the program by donating their egg cells so they understand what it means in terms of time required,physical symptoms and logistical challenges they may face, as well as medical risks associated with the procedure.

Donors are thoroughly tested for genetic and infectious diseases by decree 107 N of the Ministry of Health, including the following:

  • HIV-1, 0 and 2, hepatitis B & amp; The C, syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia
  • Full chromosome analysis (karyotype)
  • DNA testing on the carriage of 35 monogenic diseases or NEXT GEN 21 testing
  • Evaluation of fertility including hormones testing and evaluation by ultrasound examination of the ovaries

Wide information provided about the egg donors

It is important to note that the program of our Cryobank of egg cells is one of the few to offer such a large amount of information about each donor. Our staff is ready to help you throughout the selection process of the egg donor, but the choice of the egg donor ultimately depends on you. To help you make the best choice, we offer the following information about each egg donor:

  • Current photo
  • Baby photos
  • Audio interview
  • Blood type
  • Ethnic origin of the mother and father of the donor
  • Height
  • The weight
  • Proven information- were pregnancies really achieved in the past
  • Body type
  • Eye color
  • Hair color and texture
  • Years of education and the basic directions of research
  • Occupation
  • Special interests
  • Family history
  • Essay of the donor

Services and prices

Procedures and prices
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